TV channels celebrate Mothers’ Day with special programmes

TV channels celebrate Mothers’ Day with special programmes

 Mothers’ Day

MUMBAI: Unlike other Mothers’ Day, celebrations outside home have been put on hold this year due to the Covid2019 lockdown. While many of us are rethinking how to celebrate the presence of the most special woman of our lives, TV channels are all set to make the day special with a host of special programming.

Let’s look at what the major TV channels have in store:  

Sony BBC Earth celebrates mother’s day with a special line-up of top five shows that highlight the relationship of mothers with their little ones.  These are heart melting animals stories that show how animal mothers go that extra mile to protect, nurture and raise their young ones, just like humans do. It includes shows like Snow Wolf Family and Me, Reindeer Family And Me, Elephant Family And Me, Gorilla Family And Me, Tiger- Spy in the Jungle.   

Snow Wolf Family and me

Cameraman Gordon Buchanan wants to find out more about the Arctic wolf, a notoriously elusive and feared predator. This heartwarming series follows Gordon as he attempts to gain the trust of a wild wolf pack and its three pups, revealing the true nature of this remarkable animal for the first time. From the dramatic moment when wolf Luna’s vulnerable three cubs emerge from her den, to Gordon’s attempts to be accepted by the pack, this is a year of joy, emotion and drama in Canada’s high Arctic wilderness.
Reindeer Family and me

Join Gordon Buchanan as he travels into the wilderness of Lapland to see nature’s greatest spectacle - the Northern Lights. Gordon spends time living with the indigenous Sami people, who teach him essential skills - from ice-fishing to tracking predators - and even give him a reindeer to join him on his journey. He then makes his way to one of the best places on Earth to view the Northern Lights, where he is treated to an enchanting natural light show. Reindeer Family & Me offers an inspiring look at the beauty and unique culture of Lapland’s remote wilderness, as well as highlighting the drama of the world’s most spectacular natural phenomenon. 

Elephant family and me

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan travels to the spectacular Tsavo wilderness in Kenya to try to get closer than ever before to a wild elephant family. African elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, killing more people than lions or any other predator. But Gordon believes that elephants become dangerous only because of our actions towards them. He wants to see if it’s possible to gain the trust of these majestic giants. In this series, Gordon follows the struggles of first-time mother Wendi and her spoilt new baby, Wiva. He walks with some of the largest tusked elephants on Earth and sees what it takes for an elephant family to survive in today’s Africa. 

Gorilla family and me

Wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan ventures deep into the Congo to find out more about the largest gorillas in the world. Grauer’s gorillas are beautiful yet little known giants living in the foothills of the Virunga volcanoes. To get to know his gorilla family, Gordon must earn the trust of the massive and potentially dangerous Silverback male - Chimunka - but he must also watch out for the powerful, testosterone-fuelled young males vying for supremacy within the family. When Gordon and the baby gorillas of the troop get caught up in an epic battle between Chimunka and his huge brooding rival Mugaruka, the lives of the family hang in the balance.

Tiger – Spy in the Jungle

Bouldercam and a host of new spycams are on their most exciting mission yet. Carried by elephants, they film India’s most charismatic big cat deep inside the Indian jungle, uncovering the hidden wildlife that shares the tiger’s realm. This revealing programme follows the different stages of a tiger’s life from playful cubs, to learning adolescents and ultimately to young hunting adults. It also provides a unique insight into how the relationship with the other jungle animals changes as they mature including sloth bears - a rarely filmed bear with a unique character - famous for carrying its comical babies on its back, and leopards - the tiger’s major competitor. 

Viacom18 channels have also planned an innovative content line up for the special Sunday. Here is the details of Mother’s Day special programming:

Comedy Central features favourite moms:

From the emotionally stunted relationship of Leonard and Beverly Hofstadter to the inappropriately intimate one between Howard and Mrs Wolowitz, from the perennially virtual relationship of Raj and Mrs Koothrappali to the endearingly playful one of Sheldon and Mary Cooper; it's celebrating mothers - we can’t live with them and we definitely can’t live without them! This Mother’s Day, tune in to Comedy Central India on 10 May, Sunday from 1 pm onwards - to watch hand-picked episodes from The Big Bang Theory, featuring favourite moms from the show! 

Colors Infinity celebrates mothers who dare: 

Ever so often we tend to forget all that our mothers do for us. We forget that they’re so much more than just our mothers – they are multifaceted, talented, go getters who go to extreme lengths just to be able to support us! So, this Mother’s Day, the channel is celebrating the mothers who dared!  Tune in on this special day to watch Younger, the story of Liza, a 40-year-old single mother who pretends to be younger than she is, in order to find a job to help support her daughter. The sixth season can be binge watched 1pm onwards on Sunday, 10 May. 

Vh1 celebrates Boss Moms :

No one ever said being a mom would be easy, but being a single mom takes those challenges to the next level. You love your kids with all your heart, but it’s a lot to do on your own. That’s why it wanted to put together a playlist dedicated to all those single mothers who raised their kids to achieve their dreams. A two-hour block airing at 12 pm, 5 pm and 10 pm on Sunday, will feature artists like Jay Z, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Tupac, Alicia Keys, and many more who have been raised by single moms.