Star Suvarna to air new show ‘Niharika’ from 12 Dec

Star Suvarna to air new show ‘Niharika’ from 12 Dec


MUMBAI: Star Suvarna is all set to air its new show Niharika. A new concept which is not just a “Atte-Sose” (Kannada) or a kitchen drama. Starting from 12 December, the show will be aired at 8pm time slot.

Niharika is a story about a family gets destroyed for the lust of a spoilt rich antagonist Virat. The protagonist is Niharika who is all set to take revenge.

Tejaswini Prakash who has already made her mark on the silver screen is making a bang entry onto the small screen in and as Niharika. The show also features experienced artistes Virat as the antagonist along with Deepak Shetty, Shantala Kamath and Pradeep Chandra.

The show is being directed by Vinu Balanja with debutant producer R. Deepak Gowda producing the show under the banner of Living Room Productions. The dialogues are scripted by the famous dialogue writer Jogi with cinematography by Ravi and editing by Manu.

Star Suvarna fiction head Karthik Paradkar said, “This is no ordinary kitchen drama. Here, the protagonist is not the one who patiently takes all the trouble thrown at her and silently weeps, but instead is a powerful character that rebel against evil. This way “Niharika” will be appealing to broader audience which includes all age groups. And we have the experienced team of Vinu Balanja to bring this powerful story on screen.”