Sony BBC Earth's 'Feel Alive Hours' quiz contest crowns young geniuses

Sony BBC Earth's 'Feel Alive Hours' quiz contest crowns young geniuses

Sony BBC Earth's quiz contest a resounding success among students nationwide


Mumbai: Sony BBC Earth, one of India's leading factual entertainment channels recently concluded the sixth edition of its celebrated 'Feel Alive Hours'. Going beyond its previous successes, this year's event reached new heights with the introduction of an Online Inter School Quiz Contest. The contest provided a platform for young minds to test their knowledge and prove their 'quizzing brilliance'. It witnessed an overwhelming response from over 2000 students across the nation enrolling for the quiz. The junior category of the 'Feel Alive Hours' contest witnessed a stellar performance by Dakshith MV and Daksh Hemanth from Sindhi High School, Bangalore, Karnataka, as they emerged as proud winners. In the senior category, Vaibhav Rai and Vinayak Mittal from Cambridge Court High School, Jaipur, Rajasthan, showcased their exceptional skills and secured the well-deserved title.

Providing students with an opportunity to discover, learn and enjoy something new, Sony BBC Earth’s Feel Alive Hours is a combination of interesting science experiments, interactive activities, and content related to nature, wildlife, adventure, science, and much more. This year the addition of the Inter-School Quiz Contest paved the way for young learners to demonstrate their abilities and expand their horizons by interacting with like-minded students from across the country. The contest saw more than 2000 entries in the junior (STD 5th-6th) and senior (STD 7th-9th) categories, competing to tackle challenging questions and unlock their potential. From the junior category, quizzing maestros Dakshith MV and Daksh Hemanth astounded everyone with their remarkable level of knowledge while showcasing their intellect in a remarkable fashion. Meanwhile, Vaibhav Rai and Vinayak Mittal from the senior category captivated our minds as they brilliantly unlocked the harmonious blend of knowledge and sheer brilliance and tackled some tough questions with ease and poise. 

In addition to the 'Feel Alive Hours' Quiz Contest, Sony BBC Earth curated an informative and engaging website, offering students the chance to participate in monthly quizzes, win exciting prizes, and access extraordinary stories. The platform also keeps students updated on exclusive Sony BBC Earth events happening across various cities. To discover more about the contest, explore the winning entries, and engage with the channels enriching content, 

Sony AATH business operations head Rohan Jain and head marketing & Insights, English Cluster, Sony Pictures Networks

"Sony BBC Earth's Feel Alive Hours is a captivating fusion of education and entertainment, cultivating a generation of curious and enlightened individuals who hold a deep reverence for the wonders of the natural world. This year, we expanded our reach by introducing an exhilarating quiz contest, and the response from students across the nation has been extremely encouraging. The remarkable level of competition witnessed during this contest has reinforced our unwavering faith in the extraordinary talent of young India. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the victorious champions and commend all the participants, assuring them that we will persistently engage with students in meaningful and enriching ways".