Shemaroo crosses the 60-year landmark in style

Shemaroo crosses the 60-year landmark in style

The robust broadcast network now includes three TV channels.


Mumbai: Shemaroo is celebrating 60 years of entertaining the country's consumers and the entertainment ecosystem. And it's been a journey full of dynamism and agility.

Shemaroo said they have been the entertainment industry's favourite muse for over six decades, and by catering to various types of audiences, it has consistently exceeded its consumers' content expectations.

The company has an array of experienced professional talent and a reframed organisational structure, ushering in a new and exciting chapter. Shemaroo has stayed true to its youth essence with newer offerings, foraying into new-age advances like OTT, focusing on rapidly-growing digital video platforms like YouTube, and making huge strides into Bollywood as well as new regional content. The robust broadcast network now includes three TV channels, which have attracted exceptional viewership in a short period of time.

Speaking on the milestone, Shemaroo CEO Hiren Gada says, "60 years in the entertainment industry is a watershed moment for us, and we are grateful to all our customers who have consistently showered us with love. Through our innovative and agile approach, we will continue to enhance the experience of entertainment consumption in India by providing tremendous value to our customers."

Talking about the exciting road ahead, Shemaroo COO Arghya Chakravarty said, "Shemaroo's legacy and trust are built upon the ability to embrace change and entertain India in the most innovative ways. We are set to embark upon the new path by taking giant strides in the consumer facing market with a seasoned team of professionals and an ever-increasing arsenal of impressive content."

Staying true to its promise and tagline of "India Khush Hua," the 60-year-old company Shemaroo has already cemented a significant presence in the OTT, broadcast, and digital video spaces and further aims to strengthen its roots by being at the forefront of all entertainment revolutions in the future.