'Bigg Boss Telugu’ launches new campaign #BiggBossIsWatchingYou with host Nagarjuna

'Bigg Boss Telugu’ launches new campaign #BiggBossIsWatchingYou with host Nagarjuna

Star Maa & L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad come together for a public safety campaign.

Bigg Boss Telugu

Mumbai: Star Maa and L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad have come together to create a public safety awareness campaign, "Bigg Boss Is Watching You," with their marquee property, Bigg Boss Telugu. The campaign aims to encourage people to use caution when travelling on the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR).

The public safety campaign has been executed in all 57 metro stations, covering areas including concourse, entry-exit, and check-in areas. Customised jingles with caution messages are played in all metro trains. The 100 days campaign period would enable all metro commuters to be aware of safety precautions to be taken during travel and at metro station premises including awareness on safety measures, rules of metro, encouraging more usage of the metro rail as the safest and convenient mode to commute.

L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Ltd. MD & CEO KVB Reddy said, "As part of our third collaboration with Star Maa, Bigg Boss Telugu, Hyderabad Metro Rail is delighted to be the travel partner for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6. We have rolled out the "Bigg Boss is Watching You" campaign as part of the partnership, which aims to increase safety awareness and safe travel practises among the general public. This initiative would also encourage smart travel habits among commuters by encouraging them to use metro smart cards and mobile QR tickets for a safe and convenient journey. My best wishes to the superstar Akkineni Nagarjuna and Star Maa Network for the great success of Bigg Boss Season 6."

"As a network, Disney and Star India always believe in creating meaningful communications, enriching the lives of millions, and driving relevant communication through our messaging. We are extremely delighted to partner with the Hyderabad Metro Rail for a campaign on public safety awareness in Hyderabad city. Bigg Boss is a global format well accepted by the Telugu audience as part of their daily entertainment dose. Using this vehicle will have a faster reach for public safety," commented a Star Maa spokesperson.