Travelxp launches food channel Foodxp in India

Travelxp launches food channel Foodxp in India

The new channel aims to provide innovative food content to food enthusiasts.


Mumbai: Travel channel and OTT platform Travelxp has announced the launch of its food channel Foodxp in India. The new channel was unveiled on 1 March.

Foodxp was first launched in the UK on Sky in August 2019 to distribute food-based content. The channel emphasises diversified cuisines and talented upcoming Indian chefs.

“Foodxp has gained huge popularity amongst Indians as well as the local residents of the UK,” said the statement. “Foodxp has become one of the top ten most viewed food channels in the UK and also received the award of ‘The Best Asian Food Channel’ in the UK in December 2021.”

With more than 1,000+ episodes, the channel offers varied cuisines incorporating delicious dishes from Asia, Europe, America, and all across the world. One of the distinctive features of Foodxp involves real-time food creation, which means the recipes are made outright while shooting the episodes. This feature facilitates users to obtain real-time insights into the recipe.

The team consists of some of the finest, talented, young as well as experienced chefs including Ajay Chopra, Harpal Sokhi, Vicky Ratnani, Neha Deepak Shah, Kiti Bhoutika, and so forth. The channel will be launched with shows comprising “Mix Masala by Chef Ajay Chopra,” “Food Fiesta by Chef Kriti Bhoutika,” “Kuch Teekha Kuch Meetha by Chef Neha Shah,” “The Royal Taste by Chef Mirvaan Vinayak,” and so on. 

Travelxp is a 4K HDR travel channel reaching out to over 500 million+ viewers in over 50+ countries. “The channel strives to create and distribute high-quality content across all their channels. Foodxp is indicative of the kind of content viewers are looking for i.e., food adventures, how-to videos, luscious food recipes, and so forth,” said the statement.

“With Foodxp, we bring what we are recognized globally for world class 100 per cent original programming which is relevant, experiential and informative for the viewers,” said Travelxp director Nisha Chothani. “We aim to make Foodxp the default destination for food just like Travelxp did with Travel.”

“Food is the only thing that connects people from different cultures,” said Foodxp creative director Geetika Jain. “We launched Foodxp with a vision to promote Indian food and talent globally. The channel successfully provides an international platform to the brilliant upcoming Indian chefs. Each of the recipe is distinctive and curated by bringing together innovative recipes from across cultures.”