'Hidden Frontiers: Arabia' to premiere in India on 13 May on discovery+ & Discovery Channel

'Hidden Frontiers: Arabia' to premiere in India on 13 May on discovery+ & Discovery Channel

Explorer Reza Pakravan ventures into uncharted Arabian Peninsula territories.

Hidden Frontiers: Arabia

Mumbai: Explorer Reza Pakravan, known for his expeditions to the most remote corners of the globe, is now leading a team on an exciting journey into uncharted territories in "Hidden Frontiers: Arabia," a series airing in India on Discovery Channel & discovery+ on 13 May at 9 pm.

Driven by a passion for unraveling the world’s most elusive secrets, Reza ventures into the depths of the Arabian Peninsula, taking on major physical challenges to explore places never seen before by human eyes. With every stride into uncharted territory, he searches for disappearing species and ways of life, investigates ancient mysteries, and puts traditional survival techniques to the ultimate test.

Throughout the season, explore the untamed expanses of Oman, Iran, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia's deserts along with Reza and his team of adventurous experts and scientists. Every episode of this groundbreaking series offers a riveting blend of discovery, education and adventure and promises an immersive experience that underscores the significance of exploration. This docuseries also showcases an excursion to Bahrain's waters to document the elusive Dugongs for the very first time, offering viewers a rare glimpse into their mysterious world

Commenting on the launch of Hidden Frontiers: Arabia on Discovery Channel and discovery+, Reza Pakravan said, “Finding new places is my passion, but now with my series Hidden Frontiers, it’s my entire purpose. In our world, remote corners continue to exist, shrouded in mystery and waiting to be explored. Being part of the journey that uncovers these secrets and unravels the mysteries of our planet is a privilege. The excitement of not knowing what lies ahead is an unparalleled thrill. I am delighted that viewers from India can now join my expedition through their screens.”

Don't miss Reza engaging with the hidden wonders of the Arabian Peninsula, only in ‘Hidden Frontiers: Arabia’. Catch the first episode on 13 May at 9 pm on Discovery Channel & discovery+.