Zapr, PubMatic partner for integrated TV and digital media buying

Zapr, PubMatic partner for integrated TV and digital media buying

The partnership enables media buyers to leverage rich audience segments on PubMatic.

Zapr, PubMatic

Mumbai: Media-tech startup Zapr has partnered with programmatic advertising company PubMatic.

This partnership will enable media buyers to build integrated TV and digital plans by leveraging rich audience segments across all digital screens and channels including mobile, connected TV, and the open web – on PubMatic’s premium inventory.

The direct integration, via PubMatic’s Audience Encore, allows buyers to activate data at the supply level, said the company in a statement.

The integrated marketing solutions backed by India’s largest offline media consumption data can help brands and agencies achieve targeted engagement more efficiently, it added.

Audience Encore is an audience data platform designed to improve how marketers and data owners transact by giving more control to the data owner and better ROI for the advertiser. Publishers with first-party data and data providers can simply upload their segments to Audience Encore, generate a deal ID for single, recurring, or customised use, and then transact programmatically alongside premium PubMatic inventory in private or open marketplaces.

“There is significant adoption of programmatic advertising in the Indian market, where it has become an integral part of most brands’ digital plans," said Zapr, senior vice president - revenue and ad operations, Bhavna Saincher. "This collaboration with PubMatic will expand the accessibility footprint of Zapr’s unique TV and behavioural segments for agency and brand partners."