NH Studioz acquires Fahrenheit Films

NH Studioz acquires Fahrenheit Films

Enhances longevity in the entertainment industry.

Mumbai: NH Studioz, a leading name in the Indian film and media industry, is thrilled to announce its recent acquisition of Fahrenheit Films, a prominent player in the post-production and content restoration arena. The acquisition is poised to be a game-changer, as NH Studioz envisions Fahrenheit Films to become the technical backbone of their operations, fostering innovation and excellence in content creation and delivery.

NH Studioz MD Shreyans Hirawat expressed his enthusiasm about this strategic move, stating, "We plan to integrate Fahrenheit Films as an integral part of our company, enhancing our technical capabilities and solidifying our position in the industry. This partnership will not only empower us to upgrade our existing content but also expand our reach by dubbing and restoring our precious retro gems."

The acquisition is expected to usher in a new era of growth for NH Studioz and Fahrenheit Films. The two companies will synergize to offer post-production services to international clients, further solidifying their presence in the global entertainment landscape.

Hirawat went on to say, "This acquisition aligns perfectly with our long-term vision to maintain and enhance the quality of our timeless classics while continuing to create groundbreaking new content."

In terms of the financial structure of the acquisition, NH Studioz has secured a majority stake in Fahrenheit Films while ensuring that founder Hassan maintains a significant role in the partnership.

Fahrenheit Films' track record as a preferred vendor for renowned studios like Star, Disney, and Viacom is a testament to their expertise in content restoration and post-production. Moreover, Hassan's remarkable contribution as a teacher at Jamia University Delhi has helped shape the careers of numerous students, some of whom have gone on to make a significant impact in the industry.

This strategic acquisition is poised to reinforce NH Studioz's commitment to innovation and excellence in the entertainment sector. As NH Studioz and Fahrenheit Films embark on this exciting journey, the world can expect to witness captivating storytelling and entertainment experiences of unparalleled quality.