Harshiil Pethani to launch a new online studio app in India

Harshiil Pethani to launch a new online studio app in India

This app will be launched in collaboration with Caerus3 Advisors and Think Tank

Harshiil Pethani

Mumbai: Harshiil Pethani, an esteemed alumnus of the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, is all set to launch his groundbreaking online architectural studio and marketplace app for architects, interior designers and clients who are looking to get their houses or offices designed in India. This app will be launched in collaboration with Caerus3 Advisors and Think Tank transaction advisory services firm.

Harshiil Pethani is a luminary in the architectural realm, celebrated for his groundbreaking contributions across diverse cultural landscapes such as Spain and the UK. A visionary entrepreneur, Pethani has garnered acclaim for his adept fusion of heritage designs from Europe, heritage sites of the Middle East and North Africa, and India with a contemporary architectural ethos. His portfolio is a testament to his innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that harmoniously blend tradition with modernity.

"I aspire to craft designs that transcend mere aesthetics; to shape spaces that catalyse life-changing experiences and endure the test of time. Each creation is a testament to my dedication to making an indelible mark on architecture, leaving a legacy of functional, enduring, and impactful designs. I am deeply driven by a fervent pursuit of knowledge, Technology and AI; consistently seeking opportunities to expand my expertise. As an ambitious designer, I leverage robust management skills, adept communication finesse, and an unwavering commitment to professionalism," shares Harshiil Pethani.

The Marketplace App & Metaverse Design Studio, whose name has been kept under wraps, promises to revolutionize architectural design by merging Technology, and AI innovative concepts with sustainable practices.  The App will be a one-stop shop for all Architects and Interior designers to sell their services to buyers.  The app will have 3 service lines for B2B B2C and Meta Verse Design Studio

"Architecture greatly influences people, and people influence architecture," he adds. "A perfectly coalesced design with nature has fascinated me since childhood, metamorphosing into a passion that steered me into the school of architecture." For NextGen Architecture, Designs and Tech AI need to be blended and that is where I want my Marketplace app to be a game changer.

Pethani's journey began with a graduation in India and an enriching work experience in Spain. His pursuit of excellence led him to the University of Sheffield, where he earned a Master of Arts in Architectural Design, graduating with distinction propelled him onto an international platform that nurtured an elaborate and extensive mindset crucial for an architectural designer.  His distinctive approach seamlessly interfaces historical elements with Avant Garde concepts; breathing new life into structures and embodying a unique cultural amalgamation narrative  His work represents his enterprising spirit and deep-rooted passion for transcending architectural norms.  Pethani’s work echoes a visionary zeal; resonating with individuals seeking spaces that evoke nostalgia; sustainability and innovation.