DaveAI & India's premier two-wheeler manufacturer partner to integrate GenAI solution

DaveAI & India's premier two-wheeler manufacturer partner to integrate GenAI solution

Explore the future of AI-driven image generation and product visualisation with DaveAI.


Mumbai: DaveAI, a leading experience creators' platform, is happy to announce a partnership with India's favourite two-wheeler manufacturer. This strategic collaboration introduces an innovative solution, the "Generative AI Explorer," designed to transform how customers interact with their newly launched Harley Davidson X4 40.

This two-wheeler giant recognised that customers faced challenges visualising their recently launched bike model. The absence of a visual representation led to uncertainty and occasional dissatisfaction. The brand was committed to enhancing the customer experience by enabling users to preview their bikes in real-world settings.

DaveAI developed the generative AI explorer, a solution that redefines the customer experience. This technology allows users to visualise their purchased bikes in high-quality, realistic environments.

"We are thrilled to unveil a cutting-edge feature in our AI-powered LLM middleware that revolutionises the customer journey in the motorbike industry. Our innovative tool empowers enthusiasts to not only envision but visually place their dream bike in any location they desire, with stunning realism. By merging the boundaries of imagination and reality, we enhance the emotional connection between customers and their potential purchase. This isn't just a step forward in personalised marketing; it's a giant leap in creating lasting customer relationships'' said DaveAI CEO Sriram PH.

Key features of the generative AI explorer:

●   Location selection: Customers can choose from a range of real-world locations for bike visualisation.

●   Generative AI visualisation: DaveAI's advanced AI algorithms create life-like visualisations of the bike in the selected location.

●   Real-time rendering: Visualisations are rendered in real-time, allowing users to witness instant changes and customise their bikes.

●   Save and share: Users can save their customised bike visualisations for future reference and share their creations on social media or with friends and family.

The collaboration marks a transformative milestone in enhancing the customer experience. Using generative AI technology, facilitated by the DaveAI platform, this sets a new benchmark in the industry. This partnership not only boosts customer satisfaction but also strengthens brand loyalty and market presence.

DaveAI, based in Bangalore, is dedicated to offering innovative AI solutions. With the generative AI Explorer, DaveAI is excited to contribute to the future of the automotive industry, enabling customers to connect with their bikes on a deeper level.

Experience the future of generative AI-powered image generation and product visualisation with DaveAI.

Watch the Generative AI explorer in action -  https://bitly.ws/39fMZ