“Synology is committed to data protection": Russell Chen

“Synology is committed to data protection": Russell Chen

Our customers span across various industries and business scales.

Russell Chen

Mumbai: In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses worldwide grapple with the dual challenges of safeguarding precious data and unleashing its potential. As the data arena transforms, companies seek innovative solutions to combat rising threats like ransomware and capitalise on opportunities for enhanced analytics and storage scalability.

To tackle these challenges, Synology, a dedicated solutions provider boldly reshapes the realm of data management and protection. Synology's comprehensive suite encompasses storage, backup, surveillance, and productivity tools, envisioning a future where businesses effortlessly traverse the ever-changing data landscape. With Synology, companies are fortified against evolving risks, unlocking the full potential of their information in a secure and dynamic environment.

To gain more insights, Indian Television caught up with Synology’s sales manager of SAARC Russell Chen.

Edited Excerpts:

On a concise introduction to Synology, along with an overview of its diverse range of products and services

We are a specialised company dedicated to delivering comprehensive storage solutions designed to address diverse data challenges encountered by businesses. Our core focus revolves around four key innovative solutions: Data Management, Data Protection, Productivity Enhancement, and Surveillance. Tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, our offerings encompass versatile network attached storage (NAS) systems, functioning seamlessly as file servers, backup servers, and surveillance servers. In addition to our robust NAS solutions, we extend our capabilities to cloud services, further enhancing our comprehensive suite of offerings. Leveraging Synology's cloud services, we provide businesses with seamless access to scalable and secure cloud storage solutions. This integration enables organisations to not only optimise on-premises data management but also leverage the flexibility and accessibility of cloud-based solutions.

Our diverse range of NAS systems is available in varying capacities, spanning from terabytes to petabytes. This scalability ensures that our solutions can effectively accommodate the data requirements of businesses, irrespective of their size. By combining on-premises NAS solutions with cloud services, we empower businesses to optimise data management, enhance data protection protocols, improve overall productivity, and establish robust surveillance mechanisms.

In essence, our commitment lies in providing cutting-edge storage solutions that not only mitigate data challenges but also contribute to the operational efficiency and resilience of businesses, seamlessly integrating on-premises and cloud-based storage services.

On the purpose behind Synology’s recently hosted event in India - Solutions Day and insights into Synology's business in the country

Synology's Solution Day in India is an opportunity to showcase our data management solutions: storage, backup, surveillance, and productivity. We're inviting IT professionals and potential partners to experience firsthand how our solutions disrupt conventional tradeoffs in cost and maintenance.

Our objective is to establish a more robust local presence and raise awareness of our solutions within the local community. This encompasses providing solutions for digital transformation and future-proof storage, ultimately contributing to increasing businesses' resilience.

On insights into the regional market, as a storage vendor and the industry(s) that you specifically see having the most potential in India

Our customers span across various industries and business scales. In India, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with numerous large enterprises and organisations including luxurious jewelery, Sports apparel, VFX studios to aerospace and defence company.

When considering the industry with the most potential, given the continuous development in recent years, we find that the manufacturing industry holds the greatest potential, achieving a growth rate with more than double just in five year from 2018 to 2022.

On Synology's solutions improving multi-site file synchronisation and enhancing business productivity

Synology's solutions streamline multi-factory file synchronisation and enhance production process productivity by automating the collection of production history data. With Synology Drive, manufacturers can effortlessly synchronise data from production line machines to centralised storage, ensuring instant access and maintaining data integrity through multiple versions. The NAS's remote connectivity enables real-time data analysis, optimising efficiency without the need for on-site presence.

Furthermore, Synology facilitates collaboration by establishing synchronisation tasks between headquarters and multiple factories, preventing file leakage and boosting overall efficiency in design drawings and data distribution.

On Synology's offerings in terms of backup and archiving solutions for businesses, given the unfortunate inevitability of data loss incidents impacting businesses globally, including those in India, the need for reliable solutions is paramount

Synology is committed to data protection. We understand the critical importance of safeguarding businesses from data loss incidents. Our products offer a range of solutions designed to help businesses protect their valuable data, whether it's production history data, training data for smart manufacturing analysis, or company employee collaboration data. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive data protection solution to ensure uninterrupted business services.

- Access control and security: We have Secure SignIn, a robust two-factor authentication that ensures that user credentials remain uncompromised, offering essential data protection. We also have Security Advisor, which serves as a vigilant guardian, consistently reminding and updating security settings to keep threats at bay.

- Data Backup: To protect data, businesses can utilise Synology’s built-in backup solution - Active Backup Suite - to centrally back up various platforms. Synology's backup mechanism employs incremental backup technology, helping enterprises save bandwidth resources, and global deduplication technologies eliminate duplicate replicas among multiple backup sources.

Furthermore, through the built-in Snapshot Replication feature, backup data can be periodically captured in immutable snapshots. With WORM (Write Once, Read Many) technology, even system administrators, including those with the highest-level privileges, cannot edit or delete them. This secure storage of immutable copies of enterprise data meets the requirement for tamper-proof backups, serving as the second checkpoint for restorability.

- Data Restoration: Finally, we provide a complete and speedy instant restoration to ensure even in the face of unexpected events, the system will never experience downtime or be reset.

On the most pressing challenges and opportunities for businesses in managing and safeguarding their data in today's ever-changing data landscape

In today's dynamic data landscape, businesses face both challenges and opportunities in managing and safeguarding their data.

The most pressing challenges include the exponential growth of data, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations, and defending against evolving cyber threats. The opportunities lie in leveraging advanced technologies like artificial intelligence for enhanced data analytics, adopting robust cloud-based solutions for scalable storage, and implementing proactive cybersecurity measures to fortify data protection.

Balancing these challenges and opportunities is crucial for businesses to navigate the evolving data landscape successfully.

On examples of companies, both globally and in India, that have benefited from Synology's data protection solutions and the specific challenges that Synology helped them overcome

Synology's solutions are trusted by global enterprises, including the multinational consumer goods giant Unilever, the renowned German luxury automobile manufacturer Audi, the Japanese beauty and skincare brand Shiseido, the international hotel chain Holiday Inn, and the airline Jestar.

In India, Synology is also highly regarded by businesses in various sectors ranging from luxurious jewelry, sports apparel, VFX studios to aerospace and defence company.

On your assessment of the current ransomware threats and ways in which Synology's solution can protect user data from these risks

Among factors leading to data loss, ransomware attacks have the most severe impact. This is because if a company's data falls victim to a ransomware attack or malicious encryption, it not only causes operational downtime but also requires the payment of a hefty ransom, and potentially incurring high subsequent processing costs.

Synology offers the Active Backup Suite, a built-in solution for centralised backup across various platforms, and a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for efficient backups, data integrity, and instant recovery to VMware or Hyper-V, ensuring business continuity within the golden framework of disaster recovery.

Moreover, we prioritise the security of our services and take full responsibility for protecting businesses' critical data. We dedicated PSIRT (Product Security Incident Response Team) to handle incidents, conduct investigations, coordinate responses, and issue public reports on vulnerabilities, ensuring robust protection for products and customers' critical data.

On Synology’s plans to continue evolving and expanding its offerings for businesses in India to meet the changing needs and demands

Synology is renowned for its storage solutions that prioritise simplicity, scalability, and security. Nevertheless, we consistently deliver solutions not only focused on data protection but also aimed at enhancing productivity and video surveillance. Our objective is to create a comprehensive data management ecosystem, serving as a one-stop solution for businesses. Looking ahead, we plan to further expand these solutions in the Indian market.

Moreover, to align with emerging enterprise-focused trends, Synology is continuously researching and introducing cutting-edge data management technologies. Our plans include features such as scale-out capabilities, dedicated data protection, and high-performance products, all of which will be available in the coming year.