The Necessity of Project Management

Project In Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 is a method of project management that helps in dividing larger projects into smaller sizes to make the stages more controllable and easier to manage. One can learn this method of project management through a PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course. PRINCE 2 is a necessary course for anyone wanting to venture into project management. Project management is a necessary step taken by companies to ensure efficiency and punctuality for a project. There are several reasons why project management is implemented by a company. 

● Strategic alignment-

Whenever a project is given by a customer, they will have certain demands that need to be fulfilled by the team. If the team doesn't know the strategy of the customer, it will be impossible to create a project that will satisfy them. But the team itself has its own method and strategies for developing a project. The alignment of these two strategies is very important- the team needs to work on the project according to the principles and guides of the organization while also fulfilling the needs of the customer. This alignment can be made only through proper project management. 

● Direction-

When a project is being worked on, it is quite natural that issues will arise during the process. To solve these issues, the team often diverts from the main objectives unconsciously. If that occurs, the end result will be different from what the clients originally might’ve wanted but project management stops this from happening. Project management is the planning of a project into structures which is referred to in every step of the process. Even if problems arise and the team diverts, with project management they will realign with the initial plan, making the end result satisfactory. One can learn the proper way of setting up this direction with a PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course. 

● Clear Objectives-

Project management details the project objectives and goals through a brief project description. It also makes a concise plan for the project development process which is followed from beginning to end. Without project management, these key elements are missing. The development team doesn’t have clear objectives that need to be met but have an idea about what the finished product needs to be. This can result in a lack of focus and haphazard methods of going about the project that takes a lot longer and is inefficient. 

With the clear objectives provided by project management, there is accountability and structure in the development which is very important for a team. 

● Overseeing-

With project management comes a project manager who oversees the whole process of development and they should join a PRINCE2 foundation and practitioner course. The job of a project manager is to ensure the development team is adhering to the objectives and plans and guide the team when they go astray from the planned path. They also help solve issues and maintain accountability so that the project is completed on time and is according to the demands of the client. 

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