My unforgettable trip to Nandi Hills and stay at Discovery Village resort

Like most people working in Bangalore, especially in the IT sector, my team too was subjected to long work hours and pressing deadlines to complete our project on time. But what awaited us at the end of the month was a total surprise.  Our team leader had planned for an outbound team building tour. There are many resorts in Bangalorewhere we could’ve gone, but our team leader had organised a weekend at the very beautiful Nandi Hills for the entire team. 

Early Saturday morning, we set off to Nandi Hills located around 65 kms from Bangalore. The mood was energetic and the weather was cool. Despite there being quite a few resorts near Bangalore, we had been booked at the Discovery Village Resort at the foot of Nandi Hills as our team leader had heard several good reviews of this place (and I can now understand why). We set out early and reached the resort by 9 am. The check-in time however was 11 am, but the resort personnel, were really very accommodating and kept our bags with them as we decided to go atop the hill for breakfast. 

After a hearty breakfast at the only restaurant on the hill, we set out to try our luck at paragliding. Let me say this, if you are an adrenaline junky, you must try out paragliding at Nandi Hills. It is something that cannot be penned, it has to be experienced. As you glide like a bird with the wind in your face and soar over the lush green and picturesque valley, your adrenalin rush almost makes you forget the trainer that is strapped on with you. The only hitch was that your 20 minutes get over before you know it. 

The next stop was checking out the very famous and very talked about point, the Tipus Drop. Located on the hilltop around 600 m above the ground level, it is rumoured that Tipu Sultan used to throw his prisoners to their death from this point. We went there primarily for the most stunning view the hill had to offer of the valley. After clicking photographs to our hearts content, we headed back to the resort. 

As we entered the resort for the second time in the day, we were greeted with a very warm welcome from friendly staff. Surprisingly, they had even put our luggage in our respective tents (bonus points there for the resort). Oh yes, did I forget to mention, part of the surprise was that this was a camping trip. Fresh unpolluted air and the morning exercise we had got had built up our appetites and we were ready to sit down to a traditional meal prepared by the chefs of the resort. The food was good and there were sufficient variety in vegetarian and non-vegetarian fare. With no limits on the servings, each member of the team went for second and third helpings.

The tents were spacious and well set up with an amazing hill view and a typical Indian village ambience for a real off grid experience. The camp ground at Discovery Village, Nandi Hills also welcome families with pets too. After settling in, we were far from tired so the Discovery Village staff had organised several team building games for us. Getting our hands dirty and fighting for the prize like kids was way too much fun. 

After the evening tea, we set off once again to go on top of the hill to catch the sunset, which was spectacular. It got dark pretty soon after that, so we quickly headed back to the resort. After a brief recess and rest, we headed for dinner which was set up at the campfire site. Bonding under the stars, warming our hearts and stomachs around the campfire, and chatting till the fire almost died out was a unique experience.

We hit the sack by 11 pm, as we had planned an early morning trek to see the sunrise on top of the hill. We set out at sharp 5 for the trek, which was very enjoyable and watching bikers and cyclists passing us by waving profusely motivated us to walk faster. We were in time to welcome the sun, though because of the mist it felt like the sun was playing hide and seek between the clouds. Shortly, we began our trek back to the resort where a piping hot breakfast was awaiting us. 

We checked out at noon and stopped for lunch on the way. It was a hectic trip, but as I returned home, I felt rejuvenated instead of feeling tired. This was owing to this very unforgettable trip to Nandi Hills and stay at Discovery Village resort.

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