Five of the Best Netflix Tips in 2021

With 203 million subscribers around the globe and around 2 million in India alone, it’s fair to say that Netflix is one of the world’s most popular streaming services. If you’re one of their fans, you might be wondering how you can get more for your subscription fee.

To help you out, here at five of the best Netflix tips in 2021, for your viewing pleasure!

1. Travel the world via Netflix

Have you heard that with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can access Netflix content from other countries? Well, you definitely can! If you’re wondering how to use a Netflix VPN, it’s really simple: 

●    Choose a high-quality, paid VPN service
●    Download the VPN app to your device
●    Open the VPN app and choose a server (pick the UK if you want to watch UK Netflix, or Canada if you’d like to watch Canadian Netflix and so on)
●    Open Netflix and discover a world of content

Because VPNs mask your true IP address, you can self-select where in the world your “location” is. 

2. Add IMDb ratings to Netflix

Quickly and easily see what rating the IMDb has given a movie or show on Netflix by adding the IMDb Ratings extension. With this browser add-on, the review site’s ratings for each piece of Netflix content appear on the Netflix platform, you don’t need to open a new page and search for reviews. There’s a version for the Chrome and Firefox browsers, too.

3. Download content for later

Did you know that you can download content to your device for a set period of time so that you can watch offline? It’s handy for commutes, long train rides, and those times when you’re in a no-WiFi zone.

Look for the download icon on content then push it to start your download. Access your offline content by heading to the My Downloads page on Netflix.

4. Can’t decide? Try Shuffle Play

Ever find that you simply cannot decide what to watch? Try Netflix’s Shuffle Play feature. Instead of you actively choosing a title, the service will play something for you based on your watch history and liked titles. Of course, you may not like what Netflix chooses, but it’s always worth a shot if you’re stuck for inspiration!

5. Remove non-paying watchers

We all know that one person who never pays for any streaming services, preferring to use other peoples’ passwords instead. If you’ve given your Netflix password to a few people and you suspect there are more than a couple of hangers-on, remove them from your account by heading to My Account then Sign out of all devices. 

We hope these Netflix tips help enhance your streaming experience in 2021, happy viewing!

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