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Choosing a good press release distribution service

Press release distribution is a collection of services that make your marketing easier. You can develop professional press releases intended for a larger targeted audience. You can post them on multiple sources, platforms too like blogs, online channels, and social networks. Based on who and what they offer, there are two forms of press release distribution services

One is the automated form that is sometimes called a newswire. The other form is the manual kind, which gives you tools to pitch your marketing to media outlets. 

Both have their advantages and can give you immense media outreach. How would you decide on the best way to go?

Distribution channels 

PRs are only successful when they are viewed by all. To get your marketing to your audience, you have to go with the press release distribution service that has a wide collection of networks. This should be the first thing you check – what channels the service has connections with and where they will post your press release. The platforms, people, channels they work with should be names that you recognize. 


In case you’re going with the automated form, check to see how accessible the service is. You should be able to use the features, settings, interface without comprising on visibility. Always carry out a test run on these services; if possible, see if they have a demo service that you can use to understand the distribution service. 

Budget friendliness

It is worth investing in a good service if it will benefit you in a big way. However, blowing your budget isn’t advisable either. Choose the service that has good features, has good networks, and falls into your budget. 

Quality first 

Some distribution services offer more reach for reduced prices. When you post your press release for circulation, ensure that its contents are engaging so you reach your PR targets. The service may distribute the PR on many channels, but things will fall short if the placement method is wrong. 

The best press release distribution service will offer you one more critical thing – a feature that lets you analyze your reach and PR campaign success. It makes no sense to develop creative, riveting content, have it posted online, and then not follow up on the results. 

Analytical tools will let you assess the visibility levels, the reaction of customers towards a published piece, the traffic behind that press release, etc. You should be able to view all this data in the form of numbers or any other parameters that’s easy to understand. 

Customer support 

Your selected provider should have some kind of customer support channel. One way to gauge this factor is to go through the reviews left behind by the service providers’ other clients. Do the other clients like the service they paid for, or not? Even if they do have a customer support team, how responsive, helpful, and informed are the personnel on that team? In certain instances, providers will be able to help you with editorial support. 

Getting your press release ready? Need to move past the sales and time crunch hurdles? Begin looking for your press release distribution service today. 

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