Bitcoin crash games - Ultimate guide

Bitcoin crash games are hot right now. They are one use of blockchain that the public has taken to and run with. Technically, they offer advantages over traditional forms of gambling, not to mention they are insanely good fun. There are few gambling outlets around that can match the pace and excitement that crash games can produce. For some players though, they remain something of an enigma. The fantastic thing is that you don’t need to possess any technical knowledge to enjoy this exciting form of gambling. Check out this ultimate guide to bitcoin crash games, and you will be a pro in no time.

Core Rules

The majority of crypto games are extremely simple to play, and crash games are no exception. How they work is that users have a set amount of time to place bets at the beginning of each round. When the round starts a graph or curve on the screen starts to lift off. As it does so, a multiplier associated with it starts to increase as well. At some random point, the graph will crash, and that round is over. All players need to do is hit the cash out button before the graph crashes, and they win their bet with the multiplier applied. If the graph crashes before players have cashed out, they bet if forfeit and it’s on to the next round. That’s it! Nothing to it.

What else do you need to know?

Now, just like slots, each bitcoin crash game is slightly different. For the sake of explanation, we will use one of the better examples out there,, to go over some of the finer details. Firstly, every keen gambler will want to know how much they can win. The graph at Rocketpot starts at x1 and can theoretically go as high as 1,000,000,000 times the stake! That figure isn’t going to happen very often. Then again, it could happen on the very next round. Deciding when to hit the cash out button is what gives the game its thrill. Do you cash out early to try and bank a win, or hold out and let that graph shoot for the stars?

The second brilliant addition at Rocketpot is the social dynamic. Crash games have multiplayer capabilities and are unbelievable social. The game contains a communal chat box in which players constantly talk to each other. This includes sharing wins, tips, tactics, stats, and just general banter.

Some crash games also come with side jackpots for additional winning potential. If a round reaches a certain point, say x50, then all players still in the game are entered in the jackpot. One lucky player is then selected to win the appropriate prize. Again, Rocketpot is one provider who offers not just one, but three additional jackpots.

Some last tips

When players first experience crash games it is very easy to get caught up in the rush. To avoid over emotional gambling, bitcoin casinos will let you set an auto cash out value. Again, like picking a bet with slots, players can select an auto cash-out option. Let’s say you pick x1,000. This means that whenever the graph hits that level, it will automatically cash out to bank the winnings. This option is perfect for sticking to a bankroll limit. This option prevents players going on tilt or reckless gambling after a big win. Other than that, crash games are all about having a fun time. Good luck!

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