KC College to kick off Xth International Media Summit

KC College to kick off Xth International Media Summit

The conference's core theme is 'An Evolving Mediascape: Storytelling in the Time of AI'.

KC College

Mumbai: Kishinchand Chellaram College, HSNC University, Mumbai, is gearing up for the tenth installment of its esteemed International Media Summit, scheduled to take place on 6 and 7 March 2024 at K.C College, Churchgate campus. For the past decade, this annual international media conference, hosted by The Department of Mass Media, has served as a pivotal platform for industry convergence and scholarly exchange.

Under the core theme of "An Evolving Mediascape: Storytelling in the Time of AI," this year's summit will delve into the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on contemporary storytelling practices. The keynote speakers for the event include Dr Sandeep Athavale, chief mentor, EduGameLab at TCS; principal scientist at TCS Research; adjunct professor at IIT Bombay and Thinker & Mentor: Storytellers founder Soumitra Sen. Followed by that, Magdalena Wischnewski, a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Center for Trustworthy Data Science and Security will speak on "To trust or not to trust AI? Addressing questions of human-AI interaction in the age of ChatGPT". Scholars, researchers, media practitioners, educators, and students will gather to discuss critical aspects of this intersection, including the influence of AI algorithms on narrative structures, ethical considerations in AI storytelling, the cultural impact of AI, and its role in journalism, advertising, film production, and audience engagement.

In response to the rapidly evolving landscape of digital storytelling catalyzed by AI technologies, the Media Summit 2024 endeavours to unravel the symbiotic relationship between media and artificial intelligence. The two-day event will feature a diverse array of activities, including keynote presentations, panel discussions, research paper/poster presentations, showcases of innovative AI projects, and interactive workshops.

Themes to be addressed during the conference include:

1   Narratives in the Age of Algorithms

2   Ethical and Legal Considerations in AI Storytelling

3   The Cultural Impact of AI

4   AI and Journalism

5   AI in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations

6   AI in Film Production, Distribution, and Marketing

7   AI and Audience Engagement

Highlights of the conference:

1   Papers presentations by researchers and graduate students

2   Workshops for students on 3D Modelling and Role of AI: and Storytelling approaches assisted by AI tools.

3   To be attended by over 700 people.

4   Interactive sessions by keynote speakers and panelists.

5   Panel discussion on 'Harmony with Algorithms: Innovations and Implications of AI-based Storytelling'.

The former editions of the conference have received an overwhelming response from renowned researchers and academicians from across the globe. It is estimated that over 700 people including academicians, researchers, industry professionals, and students will be attending the conference this year.