TV channels' uplinking / downlinking procedure simplified

TV channels' uplinking / downlinking procedure simplified

MUMBAI: The ministry of information and broadcasting of the government of India has simplified the procedure for processing of application for uplinking/downlinking of TV channels. Marked to all broadcasters & teleport operators, this order, signed by the joint secretary to the government of India K Sanjay Murthy has come into immediate effect'

All applications requiring permission for uplinking / downlinking of private satellites TV channels/ teleports/ news agencies/ DSNG etc. are processed as per clause 9.2 of the policy guidelines for uplinking of television channels from India dated 5 December 2011, which is reproduced below:

"9.2 -- On the basis of information furnished in the application form, if the applicant is found eligible, its application will be sent for security clearance to the ministry of home affairs and for clearance of satellite use to the Department of Space (wherever required)".

After detailed and careful consideration, the competent authority has decided that the following procedure would be followed in dealing with the phrase "wherever required" as mentioned in clause 9.2 of Uplinking Policy Guidelines'.

DoS clearance would be required in case of applications seeking permission to set up teleports and operating DSNG vans.

DoS clearance would not be required for TV channel applications proposing to uplink from teleports which are already cleared by DoS and permitted by the ministry of information and broadcasting.

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