Nimrod Antal calls Matthew Modine and Liam Neeson ‘two kings of the craft’

Nimrod Antal calls Matthew Modine and Liam Neeson ‘two kings of the craft’

An action thriller like never before, Retribution released in theaters on 25 August.


Mumbai: It’s do or die! Lionsgate’s action packed Retribution starring the iconic Liam Neeson released in Indian theaters on 25 August. Directed by Nimrod Antal, this high-octane thriller follows Matt Turner in a cat and mouse chase when an anonymous caller threatens to blow up his family. With his back against a wall, Matt must battle his way out and protect his loved ones in order to clear his name. But the question remains - with a countdown underway, will he make it out alive? Retribution also sees Matthew Modine, Jack Champion and Embeth Davidtz in pivotal roles.

Talking about working with Liam Neeson and Matthew Modine, director Antal said, “We are talking about two men that I have been a fan of before I ever had an opportunity to be a colleague. They say you don't want to meet your heroes, but, you know, sometimes you do. With Matthew and Liam, there's an incredible warmth between them, but you're also dealing with two kings of the craft. It's pretty magical for me. When I have people of this caliber, it elevates my game and makes me very conscientious when it comes to my role. These guys really do hear what directors are saying. So I'm always very cautious as to what I’m saying.”

Helmed by Nimrod Antal, Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures released Retribution in India on 25 August 2023.