Catch Kim Cattrall in Lionsgate's comedy “About My Father”

Catch Kim Cattrall in Lionsgate's comedy “About My Father”

Mishaps, goof-ups, and cultural clashes in Lionsgate's About My Father in theaters 26 May.


Mumbai: Fashion icon Kim Cattrall is set to light your screens ablaze in Lionsgate's upcoming comedy feature About My Father. Making her comeback to the big screen after 2019, Kim’s character Tigger Collins is a lady not to be messed with. A U.S. Senator who has only known law and order her whole life, Tigger finds it tough to let go of the tight reins. When she meets her to-be son-in-law, Sebastian, and his kooky father, Salvo (played by Robert De Niro) Tigger soon realises she’s in for one crazy ride. It will take only a true Italian Maniscalco to let her hair down. With the movie set to release on 26 May 2023 here’s what Kim Cattrall had to say about her character, Tigger.

Talking about her character Tigger McArthur, Kim Cattrall said, “(Tigger) is very well educated, very smart, and very tenacious. Like many women who’ve reached a high-level position, she’s had to fight her way to the top. Tigger is a control freak, and she likes to put things in a very precise box. So, when she meets Salvo and Sebastian, it’s not what she expects or wants for her daughter. But it’s exactly what she should have.”

On what made her take up the film, the ‘Sex and the City’ actress added, “It was such an easy yes. My agent called me and said there’s this film with Robert De Niro and he plays a hairdresser and I said I’m in. I don’t care what it is. I want to not only do it, I wanna see it, I wanna be it.”

Helmed by Laura Terruso and written by Austen Earl and Sebastian Maniscalco, the movie will be released by Lionsgate and PVRINOX Pictures.