Anna Kendrick discusses her character in 'Alice, Darling'

Anna Kendrick discusses her character in 'Alice, Darling'

Uncover emotional abuse in Lionsgate Play's 'Alice, Darling', premiering 26 May 2023.


Mumbai: Is everything truly fair in love and war? Lionsgate Play’s latest psychological-thriller Alice, Darling takes you on Alice’s journey, as she builds the strength and courage to face the harsh reality of her emotionally abusive relationship. Bringing to light the sensitive issue of emotional abuse prevalent in the society, Alice, Darling encourages us to start a conversation around identifying and facing emotionally abusive relationships in our own lives. Premiering on 26 May, exclusively on Lionsgate Play in India, the movie stars Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick supported by Charlie Carrick, Kaniehtiio Horn and Wunmi Mosaku in pivotal roles.

Speaking about her character Alice, actor Anna Kendrick said, “When we meet Alice, she doesn’t really know who she is. It was actually a really bizarre character to play because the whole point is that she has sort of lost herself, and that everything in her focus and all her energy is going towards being kind of small and flexible and to manage her partner’s potential reactivity. And the sense that if she’s just a little bit better, if she is just perfect, then everything will be okay - that mindset slowly creeps in, and before she knows it, she doesn’t recognise herself. Only when she is with her close friends does Alice have a little more room to breathe. It’s interesting because she’s resistant to that at first since if she fully recognises and accepts herself and then returns to her partner, she will be in serious trouble and her carefully constructed self-sabotaging world will come apart.”

Talking about what interested her about the lead character Alice, director Mary Nighy said, “This character seems fine on the surface, but obviously, you have little windows into her. A lot of the time that she is in the bathroom, obsessively twirling and pulling her hair – it is clear she is in great distress about something. So how do you bring that out in a subtle way that tells you what’s happening inside the character? That was really appealing and interesting to me.”