World Storytelling Day Special: From humor to inspirational, check out these four entertaining stories

World Storytelling Day Special: From humor to inspirational, check out these four entertaining stories

Sudhanshu Rai enthralls the listeners with every word of his.

World Storytelling Day Special

Mumbai: Sudhanshu Rai has weaved magic with his stories that are more than 500 in number. While Detective Boomrah and Dr Shekhawat are popular characters created by him, thrillers and horror mysteries by Sudhanshu are lapped up by the audience. However, Sudhanshu shows his versatility as his other stories are also equally popular among the masses. From humor to inspirational stories, Sudhanshu enthralls the listeners with every word of his. So here are some stories by Sudhanshu Rai that you can enjoy on World Storytelling Day.

Bhai Sahab Chale Bangkok

Set in a village of Uttar Pradesh, this story revolves around Bhai Sahab, a teacher who has never set foot outside his village but is widely respected for his ethics, knowledge and benevolence. His world turns upside down after one of his student's father who happens to be a travel agent gifts him a tour to Bangkok. As the news spreads like a wildfire, the teacher becomes the subject of gossip. Unware of the fun that Bangkok offers, the teacher decides to go ahead and revels in the pride of his first foreign visit. Ram & Bhagat, two of his notorious friends who have travelled till the outskirts of Lucknow but claim in their village to be urbanely, suggest Bhai Sahab that he should not venture alone to a foreign destination. After much deliberations teacher decides to tag them along. This trip to Bangkok turns out to be a life changing event for him, who grapples to come to terms with the diversity while keeping intact his principles and habits.

Adhyapak Ram

This is the story of a teacher who has devoted his life to teaching the less fortunate kids in a remote village. For more than two decades, the man has been changing the lives of hundreds of people by helping them get educated. But when he is asked to leave his home for more than 20 years by government officials, he suffers the greatest blow of his life. In the last stages of his life, the small things that mean the most to him—like a banyan tree—will no longer be by his side. However, when a high-ranking government official pays him a visit, something unexpected occurs. Will the memories of life turn into mere nostalgia  for him? Or will his good deeds reward him? You are sure to get inspired with this heart-touching story by Sudhanshu Rai.

Mangu Chitrakaar

The touching tale of Mangu Chitrakaar is about a young child who was raised by his maternal grandmother after experiencing the death of both parents at a young age. His ability to communicate with paint and canvas, a god-gifted talent, is what sets him apart. When his poverty forces him to part from his grandmother, it is devastating. The distance is easy for neither of them, for they were inseparable when together. But because of his talent and enthusiasm, he makes sure that he returns stronger than before. He ensures that the tears flowing from his grandmother's eyes are that of happiness, not sadness.

Pappan Bata Gappan

This Hindi horror comedy is set in the small tourist hamlet of Panpan. Pappan and Gappan, two street smart guides, want to earn quick money. They start fooling tourists by taking them to an abandoned train coach. Encountering weird and dark events, their journey becomes a nightmare as they face the unseen. The story is in two parts and keeps the listeners hooked on till the very end.