Sajni Shinde ka Viral Video premiere on &xplorHD

Sajni Shinde ka Viral Video premiere on &xplorHD

Sajini Shinde ka Viral Video on 25 May at 9 pm

Sajni Shinde

Mumbai: &xplorHD is all set to showcase a gripping narrative of Sajini Shinde ka Viral Video on 25 May at 9 pm. Directed by filmmaker Mikhil Musale, the film unfolds an enigmatic tale of Sajini Shinde who’s life is completely devastated by one viral video. The movie delves into the life of the school teacher who finds herself helpless in the middle of an unfortunate situation and the mysterious story that unravels Sajini’s truth. &xplorHD promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with this UNroutine, UNexpected, UNformula film premiere on 25 May, 9 pm.

The film boasts a stellar ensemble cast including Nimrat Kaur, Radhika Madan, Bhagyashree, Subodh Bhave, Soham Majumdar, and Sumeet Vyas whose performances lend depth and authenticity to the narrative.

&xplorHD has also launched the “UNviralOnlineShaming” campaign to coincide with the television premiere of the movie. This campaign aims to raise awareness about the dangers of online shaming and the detrimental effects that viral content can have on individuals. Inspired by the poignant story of Sajini in the film, the campaign seeks to appeal to the public on the importance of responsible online behaviour and the critical need to think before sharing content that could harm others.

Director Mikhil Musale said, "Every casting decision, every location choice was meticulously made. Radhika and Nimrat have done an exceptional job in portraying the true essence of their characters, bringing depth and authenticity to their roles.” Reflecting on the story of the film, Musale said, "The story of Sajini Shinde is one that everyone should know about. The movie is about uncovering Sajini’s truth and the repercussions that were faced by her and the people who did her wrong. The film is a mix of many characters and emotions I have personally seen in my life and it’s something which I truly believe in.  It’s a film that focuses on the real and the staged. I eagerly anticipate everyone's response as 'Sajini Shinde ka Viral' premieres on &xplorHD."

The talented Radhika Mandan said " My character in this movie is a simple girl who is a teacher, a dutiful daughter, a loving fiance whose life is changed by one mere video that goes viral. I consider myself lucky to be able to play this role as through this I can tell the world about it and address this issue. It is very unfortunate what happens to Sajini as in today’s day and age, even the smallest thing, which is of no importance, gets viral and it is essential for us to not give heed to it.  As 'Sajini Shinde ka Viral Video' prepares to grace the screens of &xplorHD, I can't help but feel excited for the audiences to watch Sajini’s story from the comfort of their homes."

Nimrat Kaur shared her thoughts saying "My character in 'Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video' is one of a cop that investigates the matter and strives to find the truth behind Sajini’s disappearance. It’s a very thrilling character, a woman in a man’s world, a no-nonsense cop who does not let the world take advantage of her gender by always putting on a tough exterior. I thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of Inspector Bela Barot. I hope the audience enjoys watching the movie on &xplorHD as much as I loved playing it.”