“You Better Do A Good Job Because He’s Our Best Man” Indian Army’s advice to Vicky Kaushal ahead of Sam Bahadur

“You Better Do A Good Job Because He’s Our Best Man” Indian Army’s advice to Vicky Kaushal ahead of Sam Bahadur

Revealed exclusively on IMDb exclusive ‘The Essential Guide to Vicky Kaushal’.

Vicky Kaushal

Mumbai: Vicky Kaushal made his debut over eight years ago in the Neeraj Ghaywan directorial Masaan. Since then, he has established himself as one of the prominent actors in the country with notable performances across films including Raazi, Sanju, and Lust Stories, amongst others. In early stages of his career, Vicky won the National Award for Best Actor for his performance in Uri: The Surgical Strike. He will next be seen in the upcoming biographical war drama film Sam Bahadur which has been directed by Meghna Gulzar. Ahead of its release, Vicky appeared on the IMDb exclusive segment ‘Essential Guide to Vicky Kaushal’ where he spoke about his journey so far in Bollywood while sharing personal anecdotes of his upcoming film.

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Sharing his experience of shooting for Sam Bahadur, Kaushal mentioned, “Every time I would interact with the Indian Army, every time they would be like, ‘we are very happy you're getting to play this role, but you better do a good job because he's our best man and you're playing our best man’. Most of the dialogues in the film, which sound like these filmy dialogues, are actually said by him, quote, unquote. And I'm just praying that when the film comes out, people feel the tribute that we wish to give to the man, to the legend.”

Revealing the moment he knew he wanted to be an actor, Kaushal said, “During my engineering college days, we were taken to a multinational company. They showed us the work culture post completion of college. That day I knew what I didn’t want to do in life. So, I started asking myself what’s going to make me happy. That’s where I got the answer that once I finish graduation, I am going to become an actor.”

Speaking of Masaan, the first film where he played a protagonist, Kaushal said, “I didn’t know that it was going to affect me so much. We shot in Banaras where there was magical magnetic energy, which just pulled me in. With this movie, I saw myself for the first time on the big screen at the Cannes Film Festival. One year prior to that, I was looking for opportunities, for a job, knocking doors.”

Speaking of when he assisted Anurag Kashyap on Gangs of Wasseypur, Kaushal said,  “I consider it to be my film school  where I got the opportunity to assist Anurag Kashyap on Gangs of Wasseypur. It was a bunch of fantastic actors coming together to do this film. And it was also a film made with very limited resources. It did not have the vanity of a big-scale Bollywood film. I still carry those learnings with me, it still helps me when I'm performing.”

Sharing his experience of working on Sanju, Kaushal said, “I got the opportunity to work with one of the best directors in the country, Rajkumar Hirani. Kamli was a beautiful character I got to play with some beautiful writing done for the film. I got to work with Ranbir. I had heard other actors say that it is a great feeling to be called by your character’s name. I got to experience that with Kamli. I got to live that moment with Sanju.”

Speaking of the turning point of his career, Kaushal shared, “Uri: The Surgical Strike has to be my biggest turning point as an actor in terms of the success of the film, in terms of how well this film was received, celebrated. It was a tribute to the Indian army. For four months, there was a proper boot camp training which I had to undergo. I was trained by the Indian army. I got to win the National Award for this film, which is probably one of the happiest days of my life because it's a huge honour.”