Black Sand wins best documentary at Best Film Awards

Black Sand wins best documentary at Best Film Awards

Directed by Dr Sohan Roy, it focuses on the damage caused by mining in Alappad.

Dr Sohan Roy

MUMBAI: Dr Sohan Roy’s directorial Black Sand has won the Best Documentary honour in the Nature Documentary Category at Best Film Awards. The documentary film is produced by Abhini Sohan Roy under the banner of Aries telecasting, and was also officially selected for Best Documentary Award, L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival and Rajasthan Film Festival 2021.

Based out of London, Best Film Awards is an organisation that brings IMDb Monthly Qualifying Film Festival with live screening once a month. It also makes an annual film for filmmakers around the world.

The documentary showcases the horror caused by the irrevocable damage caused by mining in Alappad, which turned into a graveyard far from the scenic beauty it used to be. Alappad is a coastal region, where consistent plundering of the black sand resource through mining has engulfed half of the inhabitants’ land and homes. Roy zeroed in on this subject for the documentary after realising the grave importance of bringing the intensity of this environmental threat to light. A compassionate person concerned about social and environmental well-being, he has worked relentlessly in numerous ways to address the issues faced.

Dr Roy is well-known for his Hollywood movie DAM 999, which contended for the 2011 Oscars and received five selections in three categories. He has also been instrumental in sending 24 Indian movies including Pullimurugan, Kayamkulam Kochunni, Aickarakkonathe Bhishaguguranmaar, etc which all contented for Oscars in the Best Picture Category in the last few years.

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