‘Going Poly’: The different shades of love

‘Going Poly’: The different shades of love

The documentary explores relationships beyond the conventional concept of monogamy.


Mumbai: In a ground-breaking endeavour to shed light on the intricacies of polyamorous relationships, DocuBay, an international streaming platform from IN10 Media Network, presents Going Poly, a documentary that delves into the lives of individuals from Mumbai and Kolkata, exploring the nuances of love, loyalty, and societal acceptance.

With Going Poly, DocuBay is taking on a topic rarely touched upon by mainstream media in India. The platform aims to provide viewers with a deeper understanding of polyamory, a topic often vetoed in a predominantly monogamous society.

“Polyamorous relationships are a phenomenon in India, but surprisingly we found hardly any movie or documentary made on the topic. The taboo surrounding this topic intrigued us, prompting us to explore it further, for our viewers,” highlighted Girish Dwibhashyam, COO of DocuBay.

The film, produced by VICE Studios, offers viewers a glimpse into the lives of polyamorous individuals from diverse backgrounds and age groups. Through intimate interviews and candid moments, the documentary navigates through the complexities of polyamory, addressing issues such as jealousy, morality, and inheritance.

“We conducted extensive research to understand the nuances of polyamorous relationships and their significance,” explained VICE India director Anil Chaudhary. "Our goal was to present a balanced portrayal of polyamory, free from bias or judgment.”

The documentary also examines the role of consent in polyamorous relationships. With numerous challenges faced while researching and filming, the platform hopes that the film contributes to the ongoing conversation about love, relationships, and societal acceptance of non-traditional partnerships.

Going Poly streams on DocuBay starting 14 February 2024.