IVM Podcasts and SBI Life Insurance presents "Chitthiyaan"

IVM Podcasts and SBI Life Insurance presents "Chitthiyaan"

It is a heartwarming audio fiction series starring Gajraj Rao.


Mumbai: IVM Podcasts, in collaboration with SBI Life Insurance, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest audio fiction show titled "Chitthiyaan" starring the versatile actor Gajraj Rao to highlight a heartwarming audio fiction series themed around SBI Life’s brand philosophy ‘Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye’ and its purpose; which is to liberate individuals to pursue their dreams by securing the needs and aspirations of their loved ones. The series captures this very essence of the brand purpose, and is set to premier on 28 August 2023 and will be accessible to a broader audience across all audio platforms.

Conceived and directed by Safura Ubaid, "Chitthiyaan" marks IVM Podcasts first ever audio fiction anthology. The series revolves around a character, Prasad Joshi, a retired postmaster, who stumbles upon a treasure trove of undelivered letters from the past. With each unopened letter, a story set in contemporary setting unfolds, showcasing the beauty of human relationships and emotions. Each episode is thoughtfully crafted, making it the perfect companion for short breaks or leisurely moments.

SBI Life’s support has been instrumental in empowering Chitthiyaan. Through an emotionally driven storytelling, the audio fiction anthology aims at encouraging people to pursue their individual dreams while simultaneously taking care of the needs and aspirations of their family.

Speaking about the launch, SBI Life Insurance chief of brand, corporate communication & CSR Ravindra Sharma said, “Today’s consumers are increasingly consuming content via various convenient mediums and one of the emerging mediums is ‘Podcasts’ or the voice medium. While the popularity of this medium is gradually growing, the new age consumers are on a look out for content that stays relevant and meaningful to them. Keeping in mind the need to serve these consumers through a medium of their preference, along with IVM, we launched “Chitthiyaan” that captures the very essence of our brand philosophy ‘Apne Liye, Apno Ke Liye’.” He further added, “We hope this audio fiction series inspires individuals to liberate themselves by pursuing individual passions, while taking care of their familial responsibilities”.

IVM Podcasts- Pratilipi co-founder Kavita Rajwade commented on the launch, “As audience preferences continue to evolve, we aim to captivate and fulfill their information and entertainment needs through storytelling with a difference. In India, we have a deep affinity for narratives that delve into relationships and emotions, resonating deeply with our hearts. With this audio fiction anthology, our aim is to touch the hearts of the masses, forging strong bonds with them and turning them into dedicated enthusiasts”

Commenting on the launch of "Chitthiyaan", actor Gajraj Rao said, “I am a regular listener of fiction and non-fiction audio books/ podcasts for the last four-five years. So one day, when I got a call from Amit Doshi- Founder, IVM Podcasts for collaborating on an audio series, I was more than happy.  He further added, “Chitthiyan is a story of a retired Postal service officer, Prasad Joshi and few letters he couldn’t deliver while in service. These letters and stories related to them are full of human emotions. We discover relationships, ambitions, and dreams in a contemporary startup age, where the old passes the baton to the new generations. I am thankful to SBI Life for backing such a beautiful idea as it reflects the shared vision of both IVM Podcasts and SBI Life in bringing meaningful content that touches lives”.