Tribe & 21 Grams Productions: redefining the narrative landscape

Tribe & 21 Grams Productions: redefining the narrative landscape

The brand launched its strategic arm and its in-house production division, 21 Grams Productions


Mumbai: Tribe Communications & Consultancy, a leading strategic communications agency, is thrilled to launch its strategic arm and its in-house production division, 21 Grams Productions. This exciting expansion comes as a strategic move to offer clients a comprehensive suite of services, combining Tribe's expertise in strategic communications with the creative prowess of 21 Grams Productions. 

Led by industry veteran Megha K and acclaimed director Ameet Guptha, Tribe and 21 Grams Productions brings together a wealth of experience and a track record of success spanning over 18 years and 21 years respectively. Their deep understanding of the industry, coupled with their creative vision, will drive Tribe's continued growth and provide clients with unparalleled production solutions. 

Tribe Communications & Consultancy has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous brands across India, offering strategic guidance, film & video productions, crisis management, and digital communications services. By introducing 21 Grams Productions, Tribe takes its commitment to excellence to new heights, now offering end-to-end communication solutions that seamlessly integrate strategy, production, and execution. 

Tribe Communications founder Megha commented, "We are incredibly excited about this new chapter for Tribe and 21 Grams Productions. The power of storytelling combined with

Tribe's strategic expertise will enable us to deliver impactful and compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a profound level. We are dedicated to creating captivating content that inspires, educates, and entertains". 

Ameet Guptha, the acclaimed director and founder of 21 Grams Productions, added, "Our team is brimming with talent and a passion for storytelling. We are driven by the desire to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and create unforgettable cinematic experiences. With Tribe's extensive network and expertise, we can now elevate our productions to new heights and reach even wider audiences". 

Tribe Communications & Consultancy invites you to visit the newly launched website of 21 Grams Productions at The website showcases the diverse range of services and projects undertaken by the production division, highlighting the team's commitment to excellence and innovation.