RiteBite Max Protein launches 'Unstoppable' podcast series with Rohit Roy

RiteBite Max Protein launches 'Unstoppable' podcast series with Rohit Roy

The podcast showcases Exclusive Health, Fitness, Nutrition etc.

Rohit Roy

Mumbai:  RiteBite Max Protein is excited to announce the launch of its podcast series, "Unstoppable” – a first-ever Initiative by an FMCG health food brand, that aims to showcase exclusive health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness insights. This series, debuting in the middle of February, is designed to create a dynamic community of health and fitness enthusiasts. With 8 to 9 episodes each season, "Unstoppable" aims to be the premier destination for inspiration, motivation, and transformative stories in the realm of health and fitness.

"Unstoppable powered by RiteBite Max Protein" reflects Max Protein's dedication to nurturing a strong community of health and fitness devotees. The podcast will inspire, educate, and connect people relentlessly pursuing their health and fitness goals. Catering to both seasoned fitness experts and beginners, the podcast offers content that speaks to a broad audience, advocating a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Rohit Roy, a celebrated figure in television and film, will host the podcast. His diverse experience in acting, directing, and fashion adds a unique perspective to the show. Season 1 of "Unstoppable" will feature a lineup of renowned guests like Sharman Joshi, Yash Birla, Sanjay Suri, Varun Sood, Namrata Seth, Soundous Moufakir, Parvin Dabas, Preeti Jhangiani, Bhagyashree and many more. These influential figures from Bollywood and the business world are not only leaders in their fields but also passionate about fitness.

RiteBite Max Protein (Naturell India) brand manager Dr. Ravinder Varma commented on the same stating, "By launching the 'Unstoppable' podcast, we aim to build a platform where stories of perseverance and success in health and wellness can be shared, encouraging the audience to pursue their fitness aspirations with confidence. This initiative is more than just a series; it's a movement towards a healthier, more connected society. Inviting celebrities to the podcast leverages their influence and experiences to inspire our audience. Their journeys, challenges, and achievements in health and fitness provide relatable, motivating narratives that can spark change and drive our community towards achieving their own goals.”

Roy shared his thoughts on the collaboration, "Fitness is more than physical activity; it's a comprehensive lifestyle. Partnering with Max Protein for 'Unstoppable' was an excellent decision, aligning with our mutual goal to promote wellness. This podcast transcends the ordinary, embodying a movement that champions the perseverance to exceed ordinary standards. Max Protein's commitment to health innovation complements our mission, inspiring the audience to adopt a lifestyle that prioritizes fitness. It's a powerful synergy that aims to transform and uplift."

The production of "Unstoppable powered by RiteBite Max Protein" is supported by Qyuki Digital Media, an artist-focused network co-founded by Shekhar Kapur, AR Rahman, and Samir Bangara.

Adding to it, Qyuki Digital COO Juhi Mehta said, “As the COO of Qyuki, I'm excited to present "Unstoppable," a testament to our mastery in podcast production, developed in collaboration with Max Protein. Aimed at young, health-conscious adults, "Unstoppable" showcases our ability to create engaging, informative content. With expert insights on a range of topics from protein essentials to overall wellness, this podcast positions us as leaders in health conversation, empowering listeners with the knowledge needed for their fitness journeys. "Unstoppable" reinforces our commitment to being the premier source for protein and wellness information.”

"Unstoppable" will be available on Max Protein's YouTube channel, ‘RiteBite Max Protein TV’.  Join RiteBite Max Protein as they embark on an exciting new journey towards a fitter, healthier, and unstoppable version of ourselves.