Rahul Vengalil joins tgthr as CEO and co-founder

Rahul Vengalil joins tgthr as CEO and co-founder

His recent role was as the executive director at Everest Brand Solutions

Rahul Vengalil

Mumbai: In a bold and strategic move, Rahul Vengalil is set to lead the charge as the CEO and co-founder of tgthr effective immediately, a visionary ad agency poised to redefine the industry. Positioned as a 'future-focused, full-funnel ad agency,' tgthr is already making waves with its headquarters in Mumbai and branches located in Bengaluru and Delhi NCR.

With a rich background and a proven track record in advertising, Rahul Vengalil is well-equipped to steer tgthr towards new heights. His most recent role as the Executive Director at Everest Brand Solutions, which he successfully revived in 2022, showcased his ability to lead with vision and strategic insight. In the past, he has also held the position of Managing Partner at Isobar and helped grow its presence in India for almost a decade.

As CEO at tgthr, Rahul Vengalil will lead client relationships and business across the units. He will also take forward the agency’s promise of a full-funnel approach by integrating media services into the agency offerings, bringing to the forefront his decades of experience in handling media.

Rahul Vengalil's extensive experience spans across diverse categories, including automobile, fashion, consumer durables, real estate, retail, technology, and FMCG. This broad exposure positions him as a leader capable of navigating the unique challenges posed by different industries, further enhancing tgthr's versatility and adaptability.

Remarkably, this venture is not Rahul Vengalil's first foray into entrepreneurship. In 2017, he co-founded What Clicks, India's pioneering digital media audit firm. This successful initiative demonstrated his ability to identify gaps in the market and introduce innovative solutions.

tgthr CCO and co-founder Aalap Desai added, “We don’t become a full-funnel agency by just calling ourselves ‘full-funnel’. We can only achieve it by having people who not just come with that expertise but command that expertise. Rahul is exactly that. Why he belongs at tgthr, more than anywhere else is because he has the head to drive business and has the heart to care about people, too.”

tgthr  CEO and co-founder Rahul Vengalil added, “tgthr has already earned a reputation as a place where happiness meets creativity to produce extraordinary results, setting the foundation for an exciting journey into the future.  We aim to simplify the complexities of today's diverse mediums and the ever-changing technology. I intend to guide our clients through the dynamic advertising landscape and not just create compelling brand stories for them but also help distribute them. A rehaul of the old ways of advertising requires radical thinking, ingenuity, and passion, which can only be enabled in an ecosystem like tgthr.”