CoinDCX appoints Divakar Prayaga as senior VP & head of information security

CoinDCX appoints Divakar Prayaga as senior VP & head of information security

To spearhead data protection programmes to raise credibility for the crypto & blockchain industry.

Divakar Prayaga

Mumbai: Crypto exchange and unicorn CoinDCX has announced the appointment of Divakar Prayaga as senior vice president and head of information security. 

Prayaga will play a key role in building, scaling and sustaining CoinDCX’s industry-leading security systems, enabling customers to enjoy a seamless and safe trading experience. He was formerly the head of cyber defence at e-commerce giant Flipkart and the vice president of Cybersecurity at Wells Fargo and brings his wealth of expertise from the traditional financial sector to the future of finance, forging greater trust and credibility within the wider crypto and blockchain industry.  

In this new role, Prayaga will now steer CoinDCX’s information security strategies and governance processes and spearhead an inclusive and comprehensive data protection programme to support development, research, and administrative information systems and technology. At the same time, Prayaga will chair the Information Security Advisory Committee and lead the Information Security Liaisons, championing information security within the crypto and blockchain industry, said the company in a statement.

Commenting on Divakar’s appointment, CoinDCX co-founder Neeraj Khandelwal said, “In the digital-first world of crypto and blockchain, information security is critical to ensuring customers enjoy uninterrupted access to digital assets and a safe trading experience. Divakar will be the lynchpin in advancing CoinDCX’s security systems and furthering our position as India’s safest crypto exchange, fostering a security-first approach for the sector at large.”

Prior to joining CoinDCX, Prayaga has had an extensive career building and scaling information security and cybersecurity protection for global conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies from the likes of Wells Fargo, Wipro, Unisys, and IBM.

Speaking on his appointment, Divakar Prayaga said, “With crypto being at the forefront of the future of finance, I am thrilled to step into an exciting sector to enhance CoinDCX’s security posture and contribute to the industry’s developing information security landscape. As the crypto and blockchain industry is underpinned by digital technologies, information security is more paramount than ever to protect customers and companies alike from cyber-attacks and exploits.”