Asort's Ambrish Ranjan assumes role as joint secretary at AASRAA

Asort's Ambrish Ranjan assumes role as joint secretary at AASRAA

AASRAA upholds a comprehensive set of consumer rights.

Ambrish Ranjan

Mumbai: Asort, a leading force in co-commerce and digital ecosystems, proudly announces that its executive director, Ambrish Ranjan, has been appointed as the Joint Secretary of Advocates Association for Social Responsibility and Awareness (AASRAA). This strategic move marks a significant chapter in Ranjan's distinguished career, emphasising his commitment to social responsibility and consumer rights advocacy.

AASRAA, recognised as India's largest Consumer Rights Organisation, champions the rights of consumers, aiming to be the primary support and platform for civil society. The organization focuses on creating legal awareness and promoting self-reliance, self-confidence, and social responsibility. AASRAA upholds a comprehensive set of consumer rights, including the right to safety, right to be informed, right to choose, right to be heard, right to seek redressal, and right to consumer education.

Ranjan, a dynamic leader at the age of 46, has been instrumental in propelling Asort to new heights as its executive director. His strategic planning, team-building prowess, and resource management acumen have consistently set Asort apart in the competitive landscape of direct selling and co-commerce.

In his new role as joint secretary of AASRAA, Ranjan brings his wealth of experience and visionary leadership to contribute significantly to the organization's mission. His commitment to social responsibility aligns seamlessly with AASRAA's objectives, making him a valuable addition to the team.

Reflecting on his new role, Ranjan expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "It is an honor to be appointed as the joint secretary of AASRAA. This role resonates with my deep commitment to social responsibility and aligns perfectly with the values I hold. I look forward to collaborating with AASRAA to further its vision of a society that is self-reliant and socially responsible."

Known for his inclusive and collaborative leadership style, Ranjan has been pivotal in establishing Asort as a dominant force in the direct selling and co-commerce industry. His ability to drive innovation and continuous improvement has set the stage for Asort to become the organisation of choice.

Asort acknowledges that Ranjan's diverse skill set, including brand management, strategic planning, and regulatory compliance, will bring a fresh perspective to his role as joint secretary. His proven track record of addressing complex challenges and fostering relationships with government authorities positions him as a strategic thinker capable of driving positive change.

Asort, under Ranjan's leadership, looks forward to supporting and collaborating with AASRAA to advance its vision for consumer rights and social responsibility. This collaboration signifies a shared commitment to creating a better world through collective efforts and responsible practices.