Amit Gupta assumes leadership at Milagrow

Amit Gupta assumes leadership at Milagrow

Amit brings nearly three decades of experience to his new role at Milagrow.

Milagrow Humantech

Mumbai: Milagrow Humantech, a leader in consumer robotics, has announced that Amit Gupta is formally heading the organisation. Milagrow is at the forefront of robotics product development in India, with an installation base of more than 1.5 lac products. Under Amit’s leadership, the company is set to enhance operations and offer consumers cost-effective yet high-quality products. To drive this mission forward, he is ensuring the implementation of innovative marketing strategies while developing India-specific products, software, processes, and services.

With nearly three decades of experience, Amit began his entrepreneurial journey in 2020 when he entered semi-entrepreneurship with Milagrow. As he takes the helm, Amit is pledging to carry forward the visionary legacy established by Rajeev Karwal.

Amit is working towards revolutionizing the daily interactions in Indian households by integrating advanced robotics. His skill set is playing a key role in strengthening the company’s position as a leader in the robotics industry. He believes in a customer-centric approach and personalization of services by prioritizing products’ easy usability. The seamless integration of a mobile-friendly app is enhancing the overall user experience.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Milagrow HumanTech VP Amit Gupta said, "Leading Milagrow Humantech is an honor. Inspired by Mr. Rajeev Karwal’s legacy of excellence and innovation, I am committed to furthering his vision. We are spearheading the robotic revolution in India, empowering automation, and freeing humans from mundane tasks so that they can focus on other more important and productive things. At Milagrow, we are dedicated to making the company synonymous with robotics and innovation. We are actively going above and beyond our capabilities and forging strategic collaborations to bring the best technologies to India for redefining the future of the sector.

Besides scaling in international markets, Milagrow Humantech also plans to set up a manufacturing base in India and cooperate with International companies mainly from Europe and USA. Furthermore, the company's focus on advancing technology in the LIDAR space underscores its commitment to excellence. In an industry-first initiative towards making ownership of robotics products affordable, the company is offering a three-year warranty on suction motors and a three-year warranty on batteries. With a dedication to product, indigenous softwares and component developments,  Milagrow is positioned to lead the future of robotics in India.