Alive Wellness Clinics onboards Deepanshu Khurana as chief business officer

Alive Wellness Clinics onboards Deepanshu Khurana as chief business officer

Will play a key role in driving business growth and building partnerships.

Deepanshu Khurana

Mumbai: Alive Wellness Clinics, one of India's foremost cosmetic clinics offering comprehensive 360-degree wellness treatments, has appointed Deepanshu Khurana as the new chief business officer.

Prior to joining Alive Wellness Clinics, Khurana was working with VLCC. He headed the operations of South Asia's largest chain of beauty & wellness clinics at home services and Academies, in addition to managing the financial performance of the organization.

Commenting on his new role, Khurana expressed, "I am truly honored to begin this exciting journey alongside the team at Alive Wellness Clinics, taking on the role of Chief Business Officer. In recent years, the fields of dermatology and aesthetics have become more popular than ever, further emphasizing the importance of precision and excellence in these areas. This provides a unique opportunity for wellness brands to offer comprehensive services in dermatology and aesthetics. My partnership with Alive Wellness, a well-known name in this industry, aligns perfectly with my commitment to providing holistic care and driving positive transformations in the field. With my experience in strategic planning, business development, and healthcare operations, I'm eager to lead the brand's growth and contribute to its mission of promoting holistic well-being."

Welcoming him on board, Alive Wellness Clinics director and chief dermatologist Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra shared, "We are elated to extend a warm welcome to Deepanshu Khurana, who joins us as the chief business officer at Alive Wellness Clinics. In an ever-changing industry and with customer preferences shaping our direction, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. To realize our vision, expanding our reach is crucial, and Mr. Khurana will lead this effort. In his new role, he will be responsible for driving business growth, nurturing strategic partnerships and expanding the network of services ranging from skin, body, and hair to nutrition. With Mr. Khurana's expertise, we are confident he will help us expand our services, enhance the patient experience, and take Alive Wellness to new heights in the industry while bolstering our reputation along the way."