Ad Break | Not just mediums, writing has also evolved over time: Founders of The Script Room

Ad Break | Not just mediums, writing has also evolved over time: Founders of The Script Room

The Script Room founders talk about their journey & craft of writing

Ad Break

NEW DELHI: Writing - unlike communication skills, the development of the information wheel evolved roughly over the time frame in media, entertainment, and now in the advertising industry. From Shakespeare to Chetan Bhagat, to Twitteraties, the contemporary writing skill has seen radical changes in style, usage, and perception. Discussing comprehensively with, in the second episode of Ad Break are the Founders of The Script Room, a year-old writing hub that has churned out 41 interesting brand films and served prominent brands like Netflix and Oyo.

The former colleagues from Lowe Lintas, Raj and Ramaswamy are prolific writers who wanted to share their passion for the most compelling reason is to develop stories that people treasure in the future. The motivation behind their wondrous words and the reason for their love of writing has driven them to start the foundation of a writing hub in the advertising world.

While conversing, Raj says, “It feels like the moment for the recognition of writers has arrived. The minute you call any producer saying that you are a writer, their interest grows stronger as they have started valuing real passion and are no longer in the practice of avoiding conversations.” However, he adds that there is still a dearth of renowned writers in the industry.

Ramaswamy points out, “The aspect of writing has changed adequately over the years. It cannot be denied that predominance and quality are two interesting points. Authors now care deeply about an issue; hobby or lifestyle choice and they are ready to take it to the next level. A few years back, there was no slam poetry but now it exists.”

Adding further, he said, “One of the biggest changes I noticed are insights. Insights have made a remarkable difference in the ad-world. Earlier, when you cracked an insight for an ad, it was considered as a golden moment. Presently, insights are getting captured in memes almost on a daily basis.”

Moreover, the duo emphasized their experience of writing a short film in the lockdown – how the impact of the pandemic will have on storytelling, also delving into how brands are getting smarter in their choice of stories.

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