Dentsu acquires healthcare communications agency Synergy MC

Dentsu acquires healthcare communications agency Synergy MC

MUMBAI: Dentsu Inc. has reached an agreement to acquire Synergy MC, a healthcare communications agency specializing in marketing communications for prescription drugs.


The agreement was reached with the principal shareholders of APO Plus Station Co., Ltd., the parent company of Synergy Medical Communications, Inc.


Against the backdrop of Japan’s recent declining birthrate and aging population, the marketing of prescription drugs by pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare-related entities has reached a major turning point due to healthcare reforms and changing drug development trends.


Under these circumstances, there has been a pressing need for the Dentsu Group to establish a system that will comprehensively meet increasing client needs for solutions such as the development of and support for new healthcare services, marketing techniques that maximize client value, and the provision of insights from healthcare professionals, patients and society.


The Dentsu Group is currently providing healthcare marketing communication services in Japan through its subsidiary Dentsu Sudler & Hennessey Inc.


The acquisition of Synergy MC will boost the Group’s capacity to respond to a wider range of healthcare communication needs. Looking ahead, the Group will continue to implement further service innovations through the fusion of its expertise in the healthcare domain with its distinctive experience and knowhow in the B-to-C market.