Party Cruisers Ltd: 30 years of managing unforgettable events

Party Cruisers Ltd: 30 years of managing unforgettable events

A one-stop destination for all weddings and events.

Party Cruisers Ltd

Mumbai: Party Cruisers Ltd (PCL), a leading event management company, proudly announces significant milestones and initiatives to mark its growth and commitment to its team members.

Listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE), Party Cruisers Ltd has been revolutionising the events and wedding industry since its inception in 1994. Established with a focus on corporate events, PCL has evolved into a renowned brand specializing in curating and executing lavish weddings and a spectrum of event services, showcasing a legacy of excellence spanning over three decades.

Under the visionary leadership of Zuzer Lucknowala, Party Cruisers Ltd has orchestrated remarkable events. Their clientele includes renowned individuals like Arpita Khan, Adnan Ul Mulk, Shahid Kapoor, Sanjeev Kapoor's Daughter (Darren + Rachita), Anuttam & Manasa Reddy (Reddy Groups), Nishtha Srinivasa + Vishnu, Alanna Pandey & Ivor Mc Curry. They are known for their luxurious weddings but they have also organized corporate events for prestigious companies such as Pfizer, ING, iMocha, IBG, Chandak Groups, and more. The company's portfolio boasts an array of successful projects, including events for Times Of India, Wedding Sutra, trailer and look launch for the Marathi movie Dharamveer, Movie Launch event of the first Lion King in Mumbai, McDonald’s Outlet opening, and the launch of various MTV shows, among others.  Under the introspection of the beloved founders, Party Cruisers Ltd. eventually had four major brand divisions, namely, House of Vivaah, Vows Vachan, Event Factory, and Live Space. Their newest and yet another major brand division is Venue Affairs.

Zuzer Lucknowala's commitment to nurturing talent and transforming the perception of event management as a viable career path has been integral to PCL's success. The company prides itself on providing not just jobs but sustainable careers, fostering an environment where the upcoming talents can thrive and grow professionally.

Speaking on the occasion, Zuzer and Rachana Lucknowala, the founders of Party Cruisers Ltd, emphasised the company's commitment to its team member's contribution. As a token of appreciation for their dedication and hard work, the long-serving members were honored with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). This initiative reflects the founders' belief in sharing the company's success with those who form its core foundation.

“The NSE listing has been a pivotal moment in our journey, and it is important for us to recognize and appreciate the invaluable contributions of our team," said Party Cruisers Ltd CEO and MD Zuzer Lucknowala. "At Party Cruisers Ltd, we are not just building events; we are building careers and fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth by making this unorganized industry more structured & systematic."

With a vision to become the global go-to destination for weddings and events and a mission centered on transparency and collaboration, Party Cruisers Ltd continues to set new benchmarks in the industry.

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