WCube launches #MaskPehenNaYaar Video Campaign

WCube launches #MaskPehenNaYaar Video Campaign

Masks: Hiding frowns since Covid-19


The global catastrophe has transformed our lives and the way we intend on carrying our livelihoods forward. As a country we have been on a rocky ride to the unlock phase giving patience and perseverance a ride for its money. The “new normal” of our lives today is just a facet different from what it was earlier.

WCube Solutions, is a B2B buying enablement platform focused on ironing challenges of product quality and customer experience, keeping business sustainability at the core. With a mission to empower manufacturers and give a buyer a standardized experience, WCube aims to redefine the way B2B buying works fusing data analytics and product graphs. The company announced their brand launch with an awareness campaign “Mask Pehen Na Yaar”, focusing on the new normal of our lives with Masks and other personal protection products.

#MaskPehenNaYaar is an initiative taken by WCube Solutions aiming to spread awareness about wearing masks, through this campaign they want to communicate that wearing a mask and doing the basic protection steps in your life is just an addition to the normal way of living and enjoying the moments, we used to pre-COVID. Going out to run some errands, commuting to work, meeting your friends – all these activities are still possible, just with a few minor additions. The first video launched today showcases the normalcy that we are trying to pull back in our lives with just a few precautionary measures that support us and our families. The wise choices of the society and little preaching to help the others also take such measures, can pull down the curve and give us the opportunity to lead life as it was pre-lockdown.

Talking about this video and inspiration behind it, Mr.Karan Chandhok, Mr. Akash Mittal and Mr. Dhruv Chopra Co-founders of WCube said, “We have all created a new way of living our lives and cherishing those little moments now becomes critical as Unlock. Our lifestyle changes are a preface to the battle of combating COVID-19 and brining normalcy to our daily chores becomes more and more important. Our intent behind the campaign also has been to make people dance to the tunes of life with a few small additions such as masks, sanitizers, gloves and personal protection measures like social distancing. We are young brand helping enterprises and trade buy effectively, blending a new colour into the end consumer’s life with our products.”

WCube is currently helping enterprises across industry categories with business continuity solutions for healthcare, retail, corporate offices, trade operations, construction units, facility management, and backend offices. The current product offering of a wide variety of products such as Masks, Sanitizers, PPE kits, Washable PPEs, Gloves and other sanitization products. A proprietary manufacturing and quality benchmark framework, has helped WCube craft a unique space for them in the business sphere.

This campaign is launched in public interest to raise awareness and importance of wearing mask and to show the reality that this might have to continue for longer than expected since such a pandemic hasn’t been seen in a very long time and we are all looking for measures to combat this most effectively. 

The upcoming videos will feature the Mask Police, an imaginative character who will encourage everyone to wear masks and keep a check on the ones who do not follow the safety protocol.