Valvoline unveils new digital campaign ‘Gensets Ka 1- 2- 3'

Valvoline unveils new digital campaign ‘Gensets Ka 1- 2- 3'

The campaign is aimed at consumers to ensure optimal performance of their gensets.


Mumbai: Global lubricant manufacturer Valvoline Cummins Pvt Ltd has launched a new digital campaign called ‘Gensets ka 1-2-3,’ which encourages and reminds consumers to regularly service their gensets to ensure no power blackouts, whether its at home or a commercial area.

Valvoline Cummins is committed to ensuring regular power with its promising range of engine oil ‘Premium Blue’ specifically made to meet the lubrication needs of gensets and increase its efficiency.

"Regular change of oil is the most important part of servicing a genset and Valvoline’s range of Premium Blue engine oil meets and exceeds the lubrication requirements, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted working throughout the season," said the company in a statement.

Premium Blue is a jointly developed technology between Valvoline and Cummins with extensive trials on the engines.

“Through this campaign, we aim to encourage and inform the consumers to get their gensets serviced to ensure a well-lit home and other spaces which we generally ignore," said Valvoline Cummins India CMO Ipshita Chowdhury. “We invest heavily in our research and development to introduce products which match or exceed consumer needs. With the same thought, we have ‘Premium Blue’ engine oil which provides sufficient protection to all the internal parts of a genset for a long time. We are proud that it is exclusively recommended and endorsed by Cummins.”