Urban Company celebrates nine years of service excellence in India with a heartwarming video

Urban Company celebrates nine years of service excellence in India with a heartwarming video

Urban Company's heartfelt video service partner bonds with child during bathroom cleaning.

Urban Company

Mumbai: Urban Company proudly celebrates its ninth year of operations in India, marking its way as a leader in redefining the home services industry across the nation. Over the past nine years, the company has embarked on a journey marked by innovation, milestones and an unwavering dedication to excellence in providing at-home services to millions of customers.

Showcasing the same, Urban Company has released a touching video narrating the story of a service partner engaging in a heartwarming conversation with a young boy during a bathroom cleaning service. What sets this video apart is a subtle conveyance of a crucial message – that all work deserves dignity and respect, underlining Urban Company’s steadfast commitment to empowering and upskilling its vast network of over 50,000 service partners.








Urban Company director brand Tarun Menon said, "As we complete nine years of a transformative journey in India, we proudly uphold our brand promise – a commitment to provide unparalleled service excellence to our customers, while ensuring respect and dignity amongst our skilled service partners. Through this thought-provoking ad, conceptualised and created by the team at Talented Agency and Superfly Films, we have attempted to underline the importance of skilling, and that everyone should be respected for their work, irrespective of the job they undertake.”

Urban Company’s mission is to empower millions of professionals worldwide and provide high-quality services to customers. Integral to this mission is the unwavering commitment to prioritising service partners’ skilling and training, serving as a cornerstone in redefining the future of work. Every service partner undergoes rigorous training, facilitated by experts and accredited by the NSDC, at one of its 200+ Urban Company training centers across India. This ensures that the professionals are equipped with the necessary expertise to provide exceptional services, contributing to the overall excellence that defines Urban Company.