Togopool launches 7 Days, 7 Rides campaign across 7 states for eco-friendly commute

Togopool launches 7 Days, 7 Rides campaign across 7 states for eco-friendly commute

The campaign encouraged ride-givers to engage more frequently, offering substantial rewards


Mumbai: Togopool, a premium app for ride-sharing services, has announced a new initiative called "7 Days, 7 Rides", aimed at encouraging ride-givers to engage more frequently with their platform while benefiting from substantial rewards. Designed to boost ride availability and reward consistency, this promotional offer is set to enhance the commuting experience across several Indian states.

Under the "7 Days, 7 Rides' campaign, ride-givers who complete a minimum of seven rides, each covering at least 5 kilometres with no cancellation are entitled to a guaranteed bonus of Rs 300, credited to their Togopool wallets. Additionally, for every ride completed with a ride-taker, the ride-giver will earn an extra top-up of 20 per cent or more from the ride-taker’s payment. It’s important to note that the promotion is valid for Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand, offering flexibility as rides can start in these states but end anywhere in India.

Moreover, Togopool emphasised that rides with multiple passengers will count as one ride, and rides cancelled by the ride-giver will not qualify for promotional benefits. This campaign does not extend to Maharashtra due to legal restrictions on carpooling services in the state.

“At Togopool, we are dedicated to enhancing our users’ experience and providing substantial rewards to our ride-givers,” said Togopool founder Saurabh C. “This campaign is not only about rewarding our loyal users but also about fostering a more connected and efficient transportation network across key regions. With '7 Days, 7 Rides', we aim to encourage more consistent engagement on our platform, while offering greater earning potential and flexibility to our ride-givers.”

This strategic campaign underscores Togopool’s commitment to its community of users by rewarding them for their loyalty and encouraging the adoption of ride-sharing as a sustainable commuting option. Togopool invites ride-givers across the eligible states to participate in this exciting promotion, promising enhanced benefits and a superior commuting experience.