The Man Company celebrates little gestures of kindness in its V-day campaign

The Man Company celebrates little gestures of kindness in its V-day campaign

The campaign #ScentOfAGentleman was created by Hashtag Orange


Mumbai:  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, home-grown men's grooming essential brand The Man Company has come out with a heartwarming campaign celebrating little gestures of kindness.

Conceptualised by Hashtag Orange, the #ScentOfAGentleman campaign appreciates the kindness, warmth, and goodness shared by partners that stay in the hearts of the receiver for years to come. The brand seeks to recognise every man standing firmly behind their partner's success, especially in the context of the day that celebrates love in all its glory.

The digital film begins with a story of a couple- one of them being a doctor caught up in her hectic work schedule. Fast forward to V-Day, the highly-anticipated day that every couple tries to make extra special for their loved one. Watching her husband setting the table for the homemade dinner prepared by him, the wife is touched. She then proceeds to give him a token of her appreciation, even as she congratulates him on his “promotion”- “from a man to a gentleman."

“Our intent behind the campaign wasn’t just to create a Valentine’s Day campaign, but to begin a conversation about the scent of those gentlemen who surround us; a conversation that bears the lingering taste of their good deeds, of their gentleness, of the affection, of the care,” says Hashtag Orange founder Mukesh Vij. “And here we are, with a campaign that has a soul, a heart and an everlasting scent - #ScentOfAGentleman.”

With the campaign, The Man Company aspires to take forward its legacy to encourage the ethos of a true gentleman. In the past, the brand has released campaigns under the hashtag #ForAllKindsOfLove.

The Man Company founder Hitesh Dhingra said, "A beautiful soul that unintentionally impresses even a stranger with his down-to-earth charisma, goodwill, and cordiality towards others is the definition of a gentleman. Someone who unwittingly leaves the essence of goodness - 'the scent of a gentleman' and affects everyone who meets him in best or worst times. This Valentine's Day, we want to celebrate the scent of a gentleman and acknowledge their part in making this world a better place."