Tata Realty unveils new sonic identity for Intellion offices

Tata Realty unveils new sonic identity for Intellion offices

It has become the first company in the CRE space to launch its signature tune #SoundOfIntellion.


Mumbai: Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd, a leading provider of office parks, unveils an innovative sonic brand identity for its Intellion office parks. Crafted by BrandMusiq, a pioneer in sonic branding, aimed at enhancing brand recognition and delivering a seamless, emotionally resonant experience across all touchpoints. Incorporating the archetypes of a dominant ruler and sub-dominant creator, Intellion office’s new sonic branding initiative resonates with courage, compassion, and laughter, mirroring the brand's core values of leadership, innovation, and empathy. Uniquely curated to exude empathy, the sonic tapestry captures Tata Realty's commitment to innovation and compassionate real estate practices.

The Tata Realty MOGO is an immersive sonic experience that transcends traditional branding, positioning the company not just as a leader but as an empathetic and trustworthy force in the industry. With a melody that is aimed to soothe your soul, BrandMusiq's meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the Tata Realty MOGOSCAPE, a carefully curated soundscape that merges traditional elements such as saxophone, trumpets, and horns, symbolizing authority and a commanding presence. Furthermore, subtle digital sound elements are seamlessly woven into the soundscape, signifying Tata Realty's commitment to innovation and its forward-thinking approach to smart, secure, social and sustainable real estate practices.

TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd MD & CEO Sanjay Dutt expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, "The introduction of our new sonic branding represents a pivotal moment in our journey. Our auditory identity, encapsulated in the form of MOGO and MOGOSCAPE, is more than just a musical composition; it is about distinguishing Intellion as a brand. Through this industry-first initiative, we merge the traditional with the contemporary, echoing the harmonious blend of leadership, innovation, and empathy that defines Tata Realty. As our sonic branding permeates every aspect of our brand identity, it will transcend from a mere melody to become an omnipresent symbol of our identity. It will serve as a cohesive and enduring expression of Tata Realty's Intellion commercial spaces brand, fostering a profound and lasting connection with our diverse audience.”

Realty's sonic branding at Intellion has been launched across all its operational assets. Visitors & occupiers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the music and share the emotions it evokes. The sonic branding is set to become an integral part of Intellion office spaces brand presence, resonating through lobbies, lifts, and across various touchpoints such as videos and podcasts.