Tata Capital supports the cause of Right to Education

Tata Capital supports the cause of Right to Education

MUMBAI: Addressing the pertinent issue of illiteracy faced by small towns, Tata Capital’s ‘Do Right’ campaign has reached out to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh and identified a true ‘Do Righter’ Ajeet Singh, founder of the unique Varanasi boat school.


With an objective of engaging with the children of a community near River Ganga, Singh started a novel and innovative boat school for these children who otherwise would sit idle or pick rags.


The boat school provides basic schooling here. In support of his noble initiative, Tata Capital is looking to create an ideal learning environment for the children of this boat school through a magical transformation. Starting with the makeover of the interiors, which includes renovations and repairs; to providing them with necessary facilities like a library, educational toys, stationery, a computer and a painting kit. For this a sum of INR 90,000/- is required to transform the boat.


To support this cause, Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi through the social media properties will help highlight the initiative undertaken by Ajeet Singh and will aim at gaining support from the community at large in raising funds to enlighten the future of these children who are deprived of the basic right to education.


Commenting on the Do Right campaign, Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi CEO & managing director Anil K Nair said, “How can we get ordinary consumers to participate in a brands philosophy and campaign? How do we convert the social media into a force for the good? ‘The Journey of Doing Right’ is a powerful campaign that is ‘live creativity’ as it’s best. A campaign that engages, inspires and involves people at the same time to participate in the philosophy of doing right. Let’s give the children of this unique boat school the ideal learning environment that they truly deserve. One can visit www.doright.in and contribute to this cause.”


Recently, Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi successfully completed the story of Shikshangram Shelter on this Journey of Doing Right. Shikshangram Shelter, a Pune based NGO was going through financial crisis and was unable to bear overhead expenses, including their electricity bills. Digital L&K Saatchi & Saatchi reached out to various communities and managed to collect a sum of INR 1,26,500/- in just five days.


With these funds Shikshangram Shelter is now a self-sustaining institute with solar panels installed across the premises. Watch the story and contribute at www.doright.in