Sensodyne launches digital campaign to celebrate World Dentist's Day

Sensodyne launches digital campaign to celebrate World Dentist's Day

To bring greater focus on the role played by dentists in maintaining overall health.


Mumbai: Sensodyne, a leading oral care brand from the house of Haleon (erstwhile GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare) has launched an endearing digital campaign to celebrate the role of dentists in our lives on World Dentist's Day, observed on 3 October.

As the tooth sensitivity expert, Sensodyne is proud to recognize and celebrate the indispensable role of dentists as guardians of our oral health. At the heart of this campaign are four short films that bring alive the small joys that are possible in our lives thanks to the good oral health that our dentists’ enable, thereby making them dentists of joy. These films show unique but relatable moments of joy in our consumer’s lives whether it is consuming chilled water after a long tiring day at work or relishing a piping hot cup of tea on a rainy day. It can be a special moment of a grandfather bonding with his grandson while biting into their favorite ice cream, or experiencing the transformation and newfound confidence of a teenager that comes with having braces removed. These engaging thumb stopper films are designed especially for Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube creating a visually compelling experience and reaching out to approximately fifty-three million people.

To drive the importance of dentists and oral health, Sensodyne has also partnered with three prominent influencers from across the fields of fitness, travel, and culinary arts. Each of these influencers have not just shared their personal oral health stories but also brought the relationship with their dentists alive through conversations. From travel influencers relishing diverse cuisines to chefs emphasizing the importance of good oral health, the influencers talk about the critical link between oral health and living life to the fullest.

With the commencement of the digital campaign, the brand has set in motion a series of upcoming initiatives across the country with the aim of engaging a broader audience to recognize the tireless efforts of dentists in making our lives better every day.

Expressing her thoughts on the launch of this campaign, Haleon category head - oral healthcare Bhawna Sikka said, “This World Dentist Day, we wanted to demonstrate our firm belief in the importance of the role played by dentists in helping people maintain their overall health. Most people feel wary of visiting dentists; hence, through this campaign we hope to bring alive stories and conversations that show how dentists enable small joys throughout our life. They are the doctors of joy and people should see them more often.”