Parineeti Chopra- backed Clensta’s new #Buy1Give1 campaign addresses global water crisis

Parineeti Chopra- backed Clensta’s new #Buy1Give1 campaign addresses global water crisis

Buy a Clensta product, give clean water. Goal: 1 billion liters by 2030 for the needy.

Parineeti Chopra

Mumbai:  Personal care startup Clensta, that pioneered a range of waterless personal hygiene products, has launched a brand-new campaign to address the global water crisis. Titled ‘Buy-One Give-One’, Clensta’s latest campaign with investor & partner Parineeti Chopra is aimed at mitigating the effects on humanity of a looming global water crisis. Having already saved more than one billion litres of water, the brand has now pledged to give one bottle of clean drinking water to those in need with every Clensta product sold which requires water for application, such as its innovative range of Red Aloe Vera Face Washes, and Rosemary Shampoos.

The start-up aims to contribute significantly towards solving for the global water crisis in line with the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals by distributing one billion litres of clean water by 2030 to the underprivileged as a part of this initiative.

In addition to this initiative of ‘Buy-One Give-One’ Clensta also aims to achieve universal and equitable access to clean drinking water through various other measures such as leveraging its Waterless Technology to save water, collaborate with NGOs to ensure water security especially in areas with extreme water scarcity.

“When you look at the direction the world is heading towards -how climate change and growing populations are aggravating the global water crisis, you know that time is running out. If we, as one people, don’t do something about it quickly, it will be too late. Through our new ‘Buy-One Give-One’ campaign, we hope to spread the word that water has to be treated as a scarce and sacred resource. Clensta was born out of this need to show people the better way of living. I launched this company with my waterless range of products and with the new campaign, we take another step forward to strengthen our commitment to sustainability. We are delighted to have the support of Parineeti Chopra to amplify this very important message. We’ve already helped save 1 billion litres of water through our waterless technology. Here’s to a few billions more!” said Clensta founder Puneet Gupta.

Water scarcity is a real threat across the world with factors like growing populations and climate change worsening the crisis. As per the UNDPs sustainable development goals, 844 million people lacked basic drinking water in 2015. The aim is to achieve universal access to safe affordable drinking water for all by 2030. Clensta is on this mission to make this goal a reality.

“How often have each of us taken water for granted? Have we ever thought that this resource could be fast depleting and if we don't do something about it quickly, we might lose precious life on the planet? Our new campaign is designed to make as many people aware of the gravity of this crisis. So, let’s join hands to make a difference to the lives of those in need. You buy any one Clensta product and we pledge one bottle of clean drinking water on each purchase to those who don’t have access to it, while we still do!” said Clensta partner and investor Parineeti Chopra.

Join Clensta’s ‘Buy-One Give-One’ movement and do your bit to save every drop of water.