Panasonic Life Solutions India launches ‘Load ka Sammaan’campaign

Panasonic Life Solutions India launches ‘Load ka Sammaan’campaign

The company has partnered with Big FM and Radio City in 59 cities.

Panasonic Life

Mumbai: Panasonic Life Solutions India - one of the largest manufacturers of electrical construction materials (ECM) in the country, has launched 'Load ka Sammaan' campaign to engage directlywith its channel partners. The campaign, designed and executed in partnership with Initiative India,is aimed at strengthening the existing distribution network in the lead up to the festive season.

This unique and industry first effort will witness popular RJs of the radio channels visiting the channel partners to interact with them in an exciting format. The campaign will involve multiple formats such as RJ mentions on the live shows, Vox Pop videos, static posts on social media along with interesting on-ground activities.

The campaign will bring together the community of channel partnersto develop a platform for brand engagement. With 59 cities and 160+ Channel Partners, along with the assistance of radio partners Big FM and Radio City, the campaign hopes to secure maximum visibility for the brand’s stakeholders.

Speaking on the launch of this campaign, Panasonic Life Solutions India VP- sales & marketing Sunil Narula  said,”The 'Load kaSammaan' campaign is a first by a brand in the ECM space to engage its primary stakeholders, the channel partners. For PLSIND, they are our primary target audience, and this campaign will attempt to further develop and enhance our relationship with them.”

Initiative Media EVP & Mumbai head Dhirendra Singh said, “We are thrilled to unveil a dynamic campaign for a legacy brand like Panasonic, as their media partner. Rooted in Initiative’s philosophy of infusing culture into brand concepts, we crafted the innovative initiative 'Load Ka Sammaan' to foster stronger bonds with channel partners, a pivotal audience for the brand. Opting for radio as a strategic touchpoint, we harnessed its local connectivity to convey brand messages. RJ visits to channel partners added a personal touch, fostering a deeper connection. The campaign comes to life through our seamless partnerships with Big FM and Radio City.”