OWLED Media & HealthifyMe partner to introduce AI-powered image recognition for Indian food

OWLED Media & HealthifyMe partner to introduce AI-powered image recognition for Indian food

Three humour-filled films highlight the lightning-fast nature of the “Snap” feature.

OWLED Media & HealthifyMe

Mumbai: OWLED Media, a renowned creative marketing agency, has teamed up with HealthifyMe, a pioneering player in the health and fitness industry, to launch a revolutionary AI-powered image recognition feature called “Snap”. “Snap” is an innovative AI-powered image recognition tool designed to streamline calorie tracking. Users can snap a picture of their meal, and within seconds, it provides an accurate calorie count. These three ad films, crafted in-house by OWLED, emphasize the remarkable speed and simplicity of HealthifyMe’s “Snap” feature, showcasing how it’s revolutionizing the world of calorie monitoring. OWLED’s creative approach ensures the brand effectively reaches its target audience.

The essence of the campaign was to portray Snap as a revolutionary feature when it comes to calorie monitoring, making it seamless and efficient. Alternatively, users can also let the app scan their food photos from their gallery, offering the convenience of capturing images for later calorie management. To protect privacy, the system detects food pictures on the device and only sends data for dish recognition. The gallery-based model is preferred as it provides more time for accurate food item identification compared to capturing meal images on the spot. If there are multiple items in a photo, “Snap” guides users to select and track them within an adjustable box. Fueled by Snap's exceptional efficacy, OWLED’s creative team ventured into diverse storytelling paths. Every film was carefully crafted to highlight distinct facets and align with the client’s specific goals and aspirations.

With a target audience spanning from individuals in their early twenties to their late forties, the campaign ensures inclusivity for anyone interested in embracing a healthier lifestyle. HealthifyMe’s Snap feature aims to alleviate the stress associated with calorie tracking, making it accessible to a diverse and broad demographic.

The three ad films brought out quirky takes on everyday situations, highlighting the ease of use and consumer benefit of the app’s latest feature. Each film focuses on different scenarios showcasing HealthifyMe’s “Snap” feature in a humorous light, emphasizing its simplicity and practicality.

   The first film depicts a pre-meal tradition in which a son, prompted by his father to say a prayer before dining, stumbles upon his father utilizing the HealthifyMe app’s Snap function for effortless calorie tracking, emphasizing the straightforwardness of the procedure.

   In the second film, a man quickly tracks the calories of a samosa at work using HealthifyMe’s Snap feature, impressing his boss with its speed and accuracy.

   The last film showcases a couple dining out where the girl effortlessly calculates the calories of her dish using HealthifyMe’s Snap feature, while the guy struggles with manual calculations, highlighting the app’s convenience.

OWLED’s executive creative director Vaibhav Dhanda expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Working on this campaign was a fun and fulfilling experience. We wanted narratives that were relatable but at the same time subvert expectations towards the resolution. Directing the campaign was equally fun. I feel the simplicity of the ideas and films where its strongest merit and that makes the humour work better. Kudos to everyone involved in the making and to the team at HealthifyMe who gave us a wide open playground to experiment and play.”

“Snap is the world’s first ‘Click & Forget’ food recognition feature. Our mission is to revolutionise this space and make nutrition tracking as easy and unobtrusive as possible, by using computer vision AI to detect the food items, their quantities, portion sizes, and even micronutrients in your photos. Snap then automatically logs the meal details in your HealthifyMe app, where users can review them later. We realised that it’s hard to engage with food tracking because you have to physically type and remember to log food. So we wanted to enhance this experience and increase retention and engagement.” said Sr product manager, director of design Rohan Gupta.

Adding to this, Independent marketing consultant Aarti Samant (The Sorted Girl) “With the campaign #SnapBeforeYouEat we wanted to create a new habit when it comes to food tracking that highlights how Snap simplifies tracking experience and eliminates the need for manual input and ultimately saving a ton of time. ultimately saving a significant amount of time. All three films are designed to emphasize Snap's core benefits: convenience, accuracy, and speed”.