Mother's Recipe campaign 'Your Traditions Our Pickles'

Mother's Recipe campaign 'Your Traditions Our Pickles'

The campaign evokes the people to relive beautiful reminiscences with Mother’s Recipe Pickles

Mother’s Recipe

NEW DELHI: There is a certain nostalgia to the process of making pickles. Mother’s Recipe, FMCG brand recently launched a social media campaign - ‘Your Traditions Our Pickles’ to revive the emotions of tradition. The campaign was launched with a purpose to strike a chord with its consumers amidst the pickle season. Whichever section of country one is from, pickle has always been an essential part of the earliest food memories attached to the home, be it dadi-maa ke recipe or chajje waali khushiyaan. The campaign evokes the people to relive beautiful reminiscences with Mother’s Recipe Pickles.

The process of making pickles at home is an annual task, where most of the family members are involved; from procuring quality fruits from the bazaar, to mixing the right masalas as per the traditional recipe or drying it on terrace daily. Unripe mangoes, Lemons and chillies are some of the most popular types of pickles. The practice of pickle making is a journey in itself, both emotional and physical. In today’s time where we all are pressed against time with our busy schedule our dependence on ready products has increased but with no compromise on taste and quality. The objective of the campaign was to ease the process for the consumers and replicate the same taste with the same olden traditional recipes.

Mother’s Recipe - Desai Foods, executive director, Sanjana Desai,   said “We have launched the campaign ‘Your Traditions Our Pickles’. The idea spurted when we realised that our culinary traditions cannot be contained by the threat of a virus, why should we miss out on the taste of tradition this summer? With all our campaigns we have always believed in striking an emotional chord with our consumers and their treasured memories. We have over 50 variants of pickles available for every taste. There are no added preservatives, no artificial colours, its made the traditional way with lots of love. ‘Pesh hai wohi ghar wala swad, wohi summer wala swad’

The Mother’s Recipe products are available on its website Recently the company has partnered with food delivery platforms like Swiggy & Big basket to distribute a range of products from its portfolio. The company is also ensuring that all the precautionary measures are taken such as the use of hand sanitizers, face mask, hand gloves, social distancing and minimal human contact followed during the pick-up and the delivery process.

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        Brand Name: Mother’s Recipe
        Campaign Name: Your Traditions Our Pickles
        Campaign elements: Digital
        Creative agency: Triton communications
        Digital Agency: Social Panga
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